Hussain Arif

  Hussain is a CS student in Pakistan whose biggest interest is learning and teaching programming to make the world a better place.


23 Stories by Hussain Arif

Best CI/CD tools for React Native

Get a high-level comparison of five of the most popular and well-used CI/CD tools for React Native apps, including the features they support.
1 7 min read

Localizing content with Remix and Contentful

Localizing your content can impact the usability and conversion rate of your blog. In this post, learn how to do this with a Remix...
0 6 min read

A deep dive into React Native FlatList

React Native FlatList is a component that allows you to render lists with zero hassle and minimal code. Let's explore how to use it.
7 11 min read

How to debug Node.js using Chrome DevTools and watchers

In addition to debugging Node.js applications using the built-in Node.js debugger and watchers, Google Chrome DevTools is one of the most crucial pieces of software...
0 5 min read

Getting started with fnm, a Rust-built Node.js version manager

Learn how to install and use fnm, a fast, Rust-built version manager for Node.js and competitor to Volta and nvm.
0 4 min read

Smooth animations with React Native Reanimated 3

React Native Reanimated allows for granular control and performance over animations in apps. Let's see what's new in v3.
0 4 min read

Understanding React higher-order components

Here. you can learn the fundamentals of React’s HOC concept and play with some code samples to help you understand how it works.
3 7 min read

Build a GraphQL app in Node.js with TypeScript and graphql-request

Build a full-stack app using GraphQL and Node.js in the backend for a more user friendly interface with helpful elements and buttons.
0 9 min read

How to solve the React useEffect Hook’s infinite loop patterns

Solve the issue of infinite loops when using the useEffect Hook in React to more smoothly utilize the Hook for your app's side effects.
3 5 min read

How to access file systems with React Native

Learn how to create files and directories and write to them via the react-native-fs library.
1 4 min read

Build a text detector in React Native

Build a text detector in React Native by creating your own image picker component and using Google Cloud Vision.
2 5 min read

Build a custom React Native action sheet

A React Native action sheet is a UI element that renders a context menu, including icons or images, on the bottom of the screen.
0 4 min read