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Understanding Inheritance React Native

Understanding inheritance in React Native

Inheritance is a great OOP concept to reuse code while maintaining its integrity. However, due to the structure of React Native...
Kumar Harsh
8 min read
react-native-track-player: A complete guide

React Native track player: A complete guide

Learn about react-native-track-player features through implementing a fully-featured music track player library.
Shalitha Suranga
14 min read
React Native Component Libraries

10 React Native component libraries you should know

Component libraries offer pre-developed components that help us deliver our React Native projects faster. Explore some popular ones, like React Native...
Aman Mittal
6 min read
A guide to native routing in Expo for React Native

A guide to native routing in Expo for React Native

Expo's new native router offers many exciting features, a handy link component, and more. Learn how to use them in this...
Emmanuel John
6 min read
Build A React Native Speech To Text App

Build a React Native speech-to-text dictation app

Learn how to build a speech-to-text dictation application using React Native, Node.js, Xcode, and VS Code.
Ganesh Mani
8 min read
How to use Whisper for speech recognition in React Native

Using Whisper for speech recognition in React Native

Learn how to use Whisper, a speech recognition tool, to create a speech-to-text application with React Native.
David Ekanem
13 min read
React Native Navigation: Tutorial With Examples

React Native Navigation: Tutorial with examples

Improve UX using React Native Navigation, one of the most well-known navigation libraries available for React.
Emmanuel Yusufu
9 min read
Customize React Native Text Color And Other Theme Elements

Customize React Native text color and other theme elements

Customizing thematic elements such as text color in your React Native app can help provide a smooth user experience. Let's explore...
Kingsley Ubah
5 min read
Build a custom flashbar in React Native

Build a custom flashbar in React Native

Learn how to build and customize flashbar components in React Native according to practical requirements.
Shalitha Suranga
13 min read
Customizing Haptic Feedback For React Native Apps

Customizing haptic feedback for React Native apps

Learn how to enhance a React Native application with haptic feedback, along with the general benefits of haptic feedback for applications.
Nwani Victory
9 min read
How to Build an Animated Slide Toggle in React Native

How to build an animated slide toggle in React Native

In this guide, we'll learn how to build an animated slide toggle in React Native and understand the concepts of creating...
Paul Oloyede
7 min read
Customizing Your React Native Status Bar Based On Route

Customizing your React Native status bar based on route

Learn to master status bars in React Native for any device by using the StatusBar component and the imperative API.
Bianca Dragomir
8 min read