react native

Optimize your React Native app performance

These best practices will help you improve the performance of a React Native application with several code examples.
Ifeanyi Dike
11 min read

Comprehensive guide to using Redux in React Native

State management libraries exist to solve problems that arise in applications with many components. Use Redux to manage the complexity of your React Native...
Aman Mittal
11 min read

Flutter vs. React Native

Compare two of the most popular cross-platform mobile app development frameworks, Flutter and React Native, to discover which is best for your mobile project....
Andrew Baisden
10 min read

Building cross-platform apps with Expo instead of React Native

This walkthrough demonstrates how to build a cross-platform app that runs on iOS, Android, and the web using Expo.
Spencer Carli
8 min read

Hands-on with React Native for Web: A complete tutorial

Explore the massive potential and the current drawbacks of React Native for Web and see how to set up a demo project with it.
Kumar Harsh
6 min read

Implementing in-app purchases in React Native

This tutorial will guide you on how to implement in-app purchases in React Native, which will allow your mobile app to receive user payments.
Wern Ancheta
31 min read

How to debug encrypted network traffic in React Native

Extend the shipped React Native toolbox with sophisticated utilities for debugging encrypted network traffic.
Sebastian Weber
14 min read

Continuous deployment of React Native app with Azure DevOps

This brief tutorial explains how to set up a continuous deployment pipeline on Azure DevOps for a React Native project.
Huzaima Khan
8 min read

Comparing React Native UI libraries

Explore 10 of the top UI libraries for React Native and practice everything from styling components to adding a credit card input to your...
Said Hayani
8 min read

Using React Native Elements, a cross-platform UI toolkit

Explore the basics of using React Native Elements to speed up development and customize your user interface with visual icons.
Clayton Francis
6 min read

Building a splash screen in React Native

Knowing how to build a splash screen in React Native for both iOS and Android is a foundational skill for any mobile developer.
Emmanuel Etukudo
5 min read

Guide to unit testing in React Native

Improve your React Native mobile application with unit testing: testing small, isolated pieces of code such as individual functions or classes.
Chidume Nnamdi
9 min read