react native

How to implement SSL certificate pinning in React Native

Implement SSL pinning in React Native to protect mobile apps from hacks by narrowing down the list of trusted certificates.
Lawrence Eagles
5 min read

Exploring React Native’s new architecture

Learn more about the upcoming React Native version and it’s improvements in in startup time, developer experience, better interoperability between all threads, and a...
David Ekanem
5 min read

Exploring React Suspense with React Freeze

Explore React Suspense and React Freeze, which builds on the ideas behind React Suspense to freeze component rendering and give you more control of...
Andrew Evans
4 min read

How to add custom fonts in React Native

In this guide, we look at ways to add custom fonts in React Native to help make your apps stand out.
Nitish Sharma
2 min read

react-native-vector-icons: Icons and fonts for React Native apps

We'll walk you through how to set up a bare-bones React Native project with TypeScript, configure react-native-vector-icons and link custom fonts with zero native...
Clayton Francis
7 min read

Building an ecommerce mobile app with React Native and…

In this comprehensive tutorial, learn how to create a mobile ecommerce app with popular WordPress plugin WooCommerce.
Rose Chege
13 min read

Creating complex gradients with react-native-linear-gradient

Gradients can come in handy when you want to create multi-color backgrounds or custom buttons, adding visual interest to your UI and guiding user...
Kitavi Joseph
6 min read

React Native carousel with react-native-snap-carousel

Implement a carousel and add pagination in React Native using react-native-snap-carousel, which provides many options for creating carousels.
Samaila Bala
4 min read

Create high-performance graphics with React Native Skia

Thanks to the dev team behind react-native-skia, we can now use Skia in React Native applications to draw graphics and create UI concepts.
Rupesh Chaudhari
8 min read

React Native WebView: A complete guide

React Native WebView renders web content in a native view. Learn some of its tricks and features that you can use to your advantage.
Kevin Tomas
5 min read

How to access file systems with React Native

Learn how to create files and directories and write to them via the react-native-fs library.
Hussain Arif
4 min read

React Native push notifications with Firebase Cloud Messaging

Adding push notifications to a React Native app is easy using Firebase Cloud Messaging and the React Native Firebase package.
Rose Chege
4 min read