react native

The 4 best React Native routing libraries

We take a close look at top React Native routing libraries, exploring their features and use cases, to help you make an informed choice.
Nelson Michael
6 min read

Options for building React Native collapsible accordions

There are many options for building collapsible accordions in React Native. Learn about where and when to implement them in this tutorial.
Shalitha Suranga
12 min read

Build a video upload and compression app with Multer…

Use Multer, a Node.js middleware, to build a full-stack Android and iOS app for uploading videos in React Native.
Wamaitha Nyamu
14 min read

React Native vs. Ionic

Compare Ionic and React Native based on app size, native APIs, and debugging, and build a demo app to evaluate their development processes.
Adhithi Ravichandran
16 min read

Managing orientation changes in React Native apps

In this article, we will explore managing screen orientation in React Native apps and learn how to lock the screen orientation.
Nitish Sharma
4 min read

Getting started with Realm for React Native

Learn how to get started with Realm and Realm Studio, an easier alternative to SQLite, for database management in React Native apps.
Mamta Dalal
12 min read

Build a fintech app with Plaid and React Native

Use Plaid and React Native to build a fintech app for both iOS and Android. Leverage Plaid Link flow to display wallet balance and...
Mukesh Mandiwal
5 min read

Choosing and connecting a React Native backend

In this article, we'll learn how to choose and connect a React Native backend and how to create our own backend service using Node.js.
Taofiq Aiyelabegan
11 min read

How to fetch and handle blob data in React…

The react-native-blob-util and react-native-fs packages allow us to access and manage the file systems of our devices.
Chimezie Innocent
14 min read

React Native vs. Swift for iOS development

Compare building an iOS app using React Native vs. Swift, including which has better performance and the faster development lifecycle.
Victor Jonah
7 min read

Using React Native VisionCamera: Demo and alternatives

We explore React Native VisionCamera as an alternative to the now-deprecated React Native Camera library by building a QR code scanner.
Gapur Kassym
5 min read

Creating a resume builder app in React Native

In this project, we will create a resume builder app to demonstrate some important practical skills and techniques for mobile development.
Kingsley Ubah
7 min read