react native

Customize React Native text color and other theme elements

Customizing thematic elements such as text color in your React Native app can help provide a smooth user experience. Let's explore how.
Kingsley Ubah
5 min read

Build a custom flashbar in React Native

Learn how to build and customize flashbar components in React Native according to practical requirements.
Shalitha Suranga
13 min read

Customizing haptic feedback for React Native apps

Learn how to enhance a React Native application with haptic feedback, along with the general benefits of haptic feedback for applications.
Nwani Victory
9 min read

How to build an animated slide toggle in React…

In this guide, we'll learn how to build an animated slide toggle in React Native and understand the concepts of creating this feature.
Paul Oloyede
7 min read

Customizing your React Native status bar based on route

Learn to master status bars in React Native for any device by using the StatusBar component and the imperative API.
Bianca Dragomir
8 min read

Reviewing React Native console logs: Best practices

When it comes to debugging, console logs are really insightful, helping you examine the real-time data that an app is using at any point...
Atharva Deosthale
4 min read

Using methods like zIndex in React Native to stack…

In React Native, you can use zIndex, position, Flatlist, and other methods to stack and position elements. Let's explore some examples.
Kingsley Ubah
5 min read

Create a React Native app using Ignite boilerplate

Ignite makes it easy to follow best practices in developing React Native apps. It saves a lot of time when creating new projects.
Wern Ancheta
18 min read

Building a splash screen in React Native

Learn how to build a splash screen in React Native for both iOS and Android apps, and edit its features, like background color.
Emmanuel Etukudo
6 min read

Smooth animations with React Native Reanimated 3

React Native Reanimated allows for granular control and performance over animations in apps. Let's see what's new in v3.
Hussain Arif
4 min read

Guide to building a React Native MQTT messaging app

Discover how to configure and connect MQTT to a React Native application and how to publish topics to apps using a client broker.
Mukesh Mandiwal
5 min read

Build a selfie camera timer: React Native stopwatch example

Learn how to build a stopwatch with a custom duration to create a selfie camera timer in React Native.
Kevin Tomas
8 min read