Kevin Tomas

  My name is Kevin Tomas, and I’m a 26-year-old Masters student and a part-time software developer at Axel Springer National Media & Tech GmbH & Co. KG in Hamburg. I’m enthusiastic about everything concerning web, mobile, and full-stack development.


10 Stories by Kevin Tomas

Best Feather-inspired animated icon libraries for React

Discover four of the best animated icon libraries for React that take their inspiration from the popular Feather icon library.
0 8 min read

Build a job hosting site using Appwrite and Next.js

Learn how to use Appwrite, the popular BaaS platform, and integrate it with a Next.js app to build powerfully featured web apps and more.
0 7 min read

Protecting Next.js apps from CSRF attacks

Using next-csrf, SameSite cookies, and more, learn more about how to prevent and protect against CSRF attacks in Next.js.
0 6 min read

Privacy-friendly data tracking in React with walker.js

Learn about the growing importance of first-party tracking and how to implement it with walker.js in your React and Next.js apps.
0 9 min read

Build a selfie camera timer: React Native stopwatch example

Learn how to build a stopwatch with a custom duration to create a selfie camera timer in React Native.
0 8 min read

Getting started with MUI and Next.js

Configuring MUI and Next.js to work together takes a bit more effort than you may initially think. Learn how to properly start with them.
7 5 min read

React Native WebView: A complete guide

React Native WebView renders web content in a native view. Learn some of its tricks and features that you can use to your advantage.
2 5 min read

Python data visualization with Bokeh and Jupyter Notebook

Have fun learning your way around data visualization in Python with Bokeh and Jupyter Notebook in this detailed tutorial.
0 14 min read

Creating React Native animated toast messages from scratch

Learn how to easily create toast messages in React Native from scratch using the React Native Animated library.
0 7 min read

Create a React Native search bar from scratch

Learn how to implement your own React Native search bar from scratch in this detailed, step-by-step tutorial.
2 8 min read