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A Guide To Management Styles

A guide to management styles

Product Management

A management style refers to the specific way you approach directing your team towards organizational goals.

Bindiya Thakkar
Jan 4, 2024 ⋅ 6 min read
The Best Product Management Conferences in 2024

The best product management conferences in 2024

Product Management

With the new year comes new opportunities for career growth and ways for spending your corporate development budgets.

Bart Krawczyk
Dec 28, 2023 ⋅ 4 min read
The Best Project Management Conferences In 2024

The best project management conferences in 2024

Product Management

To make sure you don’t miss any opportunities, here’s a list of the most interesting project management conferences happening in 2024.

Bart Krawczyk
Dec 22, 2023 ⋅ 3 min read
What Is Jira?

What is Jira?

Product Management

Jira is a software program launched in 2002 by the Australian software company Atlassian to solve project management problems.

Zeynep Cansu Yildirim
Dec 21, 2023 ⋅ 5 min read
5 Project Management Methodologies

5 project management methodologies

Product Management

There are five common methodologies that each cater to different teams, industries, and project requirements.

Aniket Parihar
Dec 21, 2023 ⋅ 5 min read
A Guide To Agile Marketing

A guide to agile marketing

Product Management

Agile marketing is a way for teams to quickly adapt to change, iterate, and optimize on-the-go using data to ensure fast decision-making.

Corina Stirbu
Dec 14, 2023 ⋅ 3 min read
Mastering Meeting Minutes

Mastering meeting minutes

Product Management

Following up with meeting minutes ensures alignment with stated values and holds individuals accountable for what was discussed.

Robert Drury
Dec 6, 2023 ⋅ 3 min read
An Overview Of Keep The Lights On (KTLO)

An overview of keep the lights on (KTLO)

Product Management

Keep the lights on refers to everything that comes between your product and your customers receiving its promised value.

David Pereira
Dec 6, 2023 ⋅ 4 min read
Scaling The Product Review Process

Scaling the product review process

Product Management

A product review is the moment where you evaluate what the team created over the last development cycle and align on the next steps.

David Pereira
Nov 30, 2023 ⋅ 3 min read
Understanding The Waterfall Methodology

Understanding the waterfall methodology

Product Management

The waterfall methodology is a sequential project approach where each phase of a project must be completed before moving to the next.

David Theil
Nov 29, 2023 ⋅ 7 min read
An Overview Of Little’s Law (With Example)

What is Little’s Law? Overview with formula and examples

Product Management

Little’s Law is a theorem used to calculate the typical number of items/customers in a stationary queue system per unit of time.

Surbhi Sooni
Nov 22, 2023 ⋅ 5 min read
A Guide To Creating A Stakeholder Matrix

A guide to creating a stakeholder matrix

Product Management

A stakeholder matrix is a chart that shows the levels of interest and involvement of particular people or organizations towards a product.

Raluca Piteiu-Apostol
Nov 16, 2023 ⋅ 5 min read