David Pereira

  https://d-pereira.com/ Product Leader with 15+ years of experience. Partner at Value Rebels and interim CPO at omoqo. Almost every product team is trapped somehow; untrapping them is what drives me.


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4 templates to uplevel your product strategy

Product strategy is a plan that outlines what a team aims to accomplish with its product and how it will get there.
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What is a service-level agreement (SLA)? Definition, templates, and examples

The goal of a service-level agreement is to maintain transparency between the provider and the client, ensuring consistent service quality and accountability.
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How and why to run a scrum of scrums

A scrum of scrums is a collaborative meeting between the involved teams on a project. It is an engaging session that keeps teams aligned...
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What are push notifications and why are they important?

In this article, you will learn how to use push notification to reach users with relevant information to keep them returning to your product.
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How to develop an innovation culture

In this article you will learn what drives innovation and how to to continuously challenge and disrupt markets.
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What is PI planning in agile?

Figuring out how to deal with complex collaboration and aligning in a common direction is mandatory. That’s when program increment (PI) can be helpful.
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LTV:CAC ratio: Definition, strategies, and how to calculate

Without an awareness of the LTV:CAC ratio, you miss many chances to adapt your business strategy and increase your overall profits.
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What is project cost estimation? 5-step process with examples

In this guide, we’ll explain what cost estimation is, why it’s important, and how you can use it to make more informed product decisions.
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How to write scenarios using Gherkin language

Gherkin, combined with behavior-driven development, are powerful. They provide guidance and clarity while reducing confusion.
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What is product adoption and how do you measure it?

Nailing jobs that customers do frequently will improve your product adoption. Customers need to understand what your product does for them.
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Agile estimation: Using the Fibonacci sequence for story points

Learn how the Fibonacci sequenced is used for story point estimation in agile, common mistakes, and alternative estimation methods.
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Product development strategy: Definition, examples, and guide

Many factors contribute to a startup's demise. While there isn't a single reason for it, a poor product development strategy almost guarantees failure.
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