Bindiya Thakkar

  Experienced product manager and product owner with a demonstrated history of working in the Omni channel and digital tools. Skilled in product management, digital strategy, roadmapping, business strategy, and user experience.


9 Stories by Bindiya Thakkar

Understand users better with customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping is when you create a map of the stages customers undergo while choosing and using your product.
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6 product manager skills to uplevel your career

Skills required to be a great product manager include technical knowledge, business acumen, and a knack for articulating customer needs.
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What is the product development lifecycle? 5 stages and examples

As with every process in agile development, the product development lifecycle is designed to help teams deliver value quickly and effectively through learning and...
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What is the definition of done? Guide for agile teams with examples

Discover why creating a definition of done (DoD) is so important for scrum teams and product leaders to embrace agile ways of working.
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What is an epic in agile? Complete guide with examples

Epics are derived from themes or initiatives and can be segmented into smaller pieces called user stories. Learn how this system can help make...
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What is technical debt? How to prioritize and avoid with examples

In an ideal world, you shouldn't have to choose between quality and timely delivery, but it happens more often than you might think.
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Sprint review vs. sprint retrospective: Why the difference matters

The sprint review and sprint retrospective are commonly conflated. In reality, these two scrum ceremonies are quite different in a variety of ways.
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What is a sprint backlog and how to prioritize it (with examples)

You can’t plan for everything, but having a detailed, well-prioritized backlog can go a long way toward positioning your team for an efficient, fruitful...
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What are the five types of scrum meetings?

Learn about the product manager's role in each of the five scrum ceremonies: sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review, sprint retro, and backlog refinement.
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