Long Term Goals Example Strategies

How to set and accomplish long-term goals (with example)

Long-term goals are a set of outcomes that you hope to deliver over an extended period of time. These are major...
Emma Burt
4 min read
Understanding Global And Local Maxima To Build Better Products

Understanding global and local maxima to build better products

In this guide, we'll cover local and global maxima, two mathematical concepts that can help you better understand your product.
Bart Krawczyk
4 min read
What Is A Prioritization Matrix? Guide To Easier Decision-Making

What is a prioritization matrix? Guide to easier decision-making

A prioritization matrix helps assist in determining what to work on next and quickly assess whether an initiative is worth the...
Surbhi Sooni
7 min read
Guide To Realistic Project Schedule

A guide to realistic project scheduling

Project scheduling is the process of developing a detailed plan that outlines the tasks, dependencies, resources, and timelines needed to complete...
Klaas Hermans
7 min read
Impact Effort Matrix: Prioritization Made Simple

Impact effort matrix: Prioritization made simple

The impact effort matrix is a prioritization method that helps you boost productivity, enhance collaboration, and focus on high-impact tasks.
David Pereira
3 min read
Shiny Object Syndrome: Definition, Examples, How to Overcome

Shiny object syndrome: Definition, examples, how to overcome

Failure to manage and counteract shiny object syndrome can place your organization into a state of constant flux in which it...
Anjana Rao
5 min read
What Is A Feature Owner? Responsibilities And Role For Agile Teams

What is a feature owner? Responsibilities and role for agile teams

Establishing feature owners for product activities can both boost your team’s agency and free PMs up to focus on more strategic...
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
What Is The Critical Path Method? Complete Guide With Examples

What is the critical path method? Complete guide with examples

Finding out which dependencies matter and which impact timelines the most can be challenging. That is where the critical path method...
Emma Burt
4 min read
What Is A RACI Chart And How To Use It (With Template)

What is a RACI chart and how to use it (with template)

RACI charts help communicate and clarify the roles and responsibilities of people working together. In product management, it adds support for...
Raluca Piteiu-Apostol
5 min read
Eisenhower Matrix: How To Prioritize Tasks (Examples, Template)

Eisenhower Matrix: How to prioritize tasks (examples, template)

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the Eisenhower Decision Matrix and show you how to use it to prioritize your...
Cristian Rita
5 min read
What Is A Product Backlog In Scrum? Overview For Agile Teams

What is a product backlog in scrum? Overview for agile teams

Effective backlog management can make or break your product. By the same token, misunderstanding your backlog can lead to traps.
David Pereira
6 min read
How To Use A Technical Debt Register

How to use a technical debt register

A technical debt register brings transparency and clarity as to what type and how much debt you have and can be...
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read