Zeynep Cansu Yildirim

  I am an experienced PM of 5+ years with 9+ years of analyst and leadership experience in software companies, currently working as a PM in an e-commerce company. I am an Electric and Electronic Engineer with a Masters in Engineering Management. In my social life, I like skiing, kitesurfing, boxing, and am a professional horse rider in show jumping competitions.


8 Stories by Zeynep Cansu Yildirim

What is user acceptance testing (UAT)? Template, best practices

User acceptance testing (UAT) is an important phase where end-users have a chance to participate in evaluating your product.
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What is a product analyst: Role, skills, and responsibilities

Product analysts should be motivated, data-oriented, and team players. They collect customer feedback, market data, and product insights to create recommendations for product go-to-market...
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What is voice of the customer (VOC)?

VOC helps ensure that customer requests are valuable and creates a competitive advantage by offering a better customer experience.
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What is affinity grouping? Definition, examples, and how-to

In this article, we introduce the affinity grouping method. We share tools and best practices and examine how you can integrate analytics.
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Value chain analysis: Why it’s important and how to do it

Value chain analysis helps find a company's competitive advantage and increase profits. Each product phase is important for the analysis, from beginning to end.
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How to understand and identify distinctive competencies

Strategy is all about competing differently, and a distinctive competency is how we compete differently from our competitors.
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How to convey your project vision easily with a project charter

There are several methods for presenting project ideas in kick-off meetings, but a project charter is all you need for a fresh start.
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What is a project roadmap: Overview and how-to (with template)

A project roadmap is a simple table that monitors all departments' tasks and their statuses. It shows a timeline for each task, subtask, and...
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