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What Is Quantitative Analysis Examples

What is quantitative analysis? Definition, examples, and pitfalls to avoid

In this article, you will learn what quantitative analysis is, the different types of analysis tools, and how to implement them.
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
Behavioral Segmentation Definition Examples

Behavioral segmentation: How proper segmentation can generate valuable insights

In this article, you will learn what behavioral segmentation is, the different types of segmentation, and how to improve your product.
Bart Krawczyk
4 min read
How To Gain A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

How to gain a sustainable competitive advantage

A sustainable competitive advantage is a competitive advantage that you’re can maintain for at least the foreseeable future, ensuring that your...
Daniel Schwarz
6 min read
LTV:CAC Ratio: Definition, Strategies, And How To Calculate

LTV:CAC ratio: Definition, strategies, and how to calculate

Without an awareness of the LTV:CAC ratio, you miss many chances to adapt your business strategy and increase your overall profits.
David Pereira
6 min read
What Is Market Demand And How To Find It

What is market demand and how to find it

Successful products require two things: users who want what your product offers and users who are willing to pay for it....
Shehab Beram
5 min read
Understanding The Different Types Of Survey Questions

Understanding the different types of survey questions

Survey templates aren't bad, they’re just unlikely to give you all the insights you’ll need right out of the box. Creating...
Daniel Schwarz
5 min read
What Is An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)? Template And Examples

What is an ideal customer profile (ICP)? Template and examples

When it comes to identifying your ideal target customer, the common wisdom of focusing on a niche first often does more...
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
Product Development Manager: Role, Responsibilities, Job Description

Product development manager: Role, responsibilities, job description

The product development manager is a cross-functional and hybrid role that sits somewhere between project and product management.
Shehab Beram
3 min read
What Is Penetration Pricing? Definition and Pricing Strategy Examples

What is penetration pricing? Definition and pricing strategy examples

Pricing is one of the hardest puzzles product managers have to solve, especially when there's a lot of uncertainty.
Suhasini Gadam
10 min read
A Modern Approach To Market Sizing

A modern approach to market sizing

Market sizing estimates your first niche (SOM) and potential expansion (SAM) well beyond just the "best case scenario."
Bart Krawczyk
7 min read
Keeping An Eye On Competition: TikTok Vs. Instagram Case Study

Keeping an eye on competition: TikTok vs. Instagram case study

TikTok first launched in 2017 and Instagram released a reels component to mimic it in 2020. The TikTok vs. Instagram war...
Antonio da Fonseca Neto
10 min read
How To Price Your Product: Strategies, Models, And 4-Step Process

How to price your product in 4 steps

Determining the right price for products requires careful consideration. Setting the price too low can result in missed revenue, while setting...
Monica Dhiman
5 min read