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Why and how to conduct customer interviews

The purpose of customer interviews is not to ask for opinions or find out what customers want; it’s to unearth fundamental needs and problems.
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Agile roadmaps: Examples, frameworks, and how to create one

Whereas a typical product roadmap might show expected release dates for new features and enhancements, in agile, the notion of sticking to deadlines becomes...
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The RICE framework: Prioritization made simple

The RICE scoring method can be applied consistently across even the most disparate ideas, allowing for greater objectivity in the way you prioritize.
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What is product positioning? Examples, strategies, and template

Calibrating the right perception of your product is paramount to conveying the value it brings over its competitors. Learn more about product positioning in...
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The difference between product, sprint, and release backlogs

Backlogs come in all shapes and sizes. Organizing your work into product, sprint, and release backlogs can help bring clarity and focus to your...
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The daily scrum meeting: Overview, best practices, anti-patterns

When conducted effectively, the daily scrum can be a great tool for facilitating self-organization, accountability, and adaptability.
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