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How Python can help you learn ES6

“Have you learned ES6 yet?” Oof. I used to feel a sense of pressure when people would ask me that. In...
Jenn Wong
5 min read
React Virtualized Versus React Window

Windowing wars: React-virtualized vs. react-window

While react-window is newer, faster, and much lighter, it doesn’t do everything react-virtualized can do. Learn which windowing library is right...
Rico Kahler
4 min read
Cleaning Up Your Vue.js Code With ES6+

Cleaning up your Vue.js code with ES6+

ES6 was a big step forward for the web, and it introduced several features to solve problems that arise when developing...
Jake Dohm
4 min read

What to expect in React v17

React Fiber (React v16) is awesome and has taken some significant steps towards improving the developer experience as well as the...
Austin Roy Omondi
4 min read
Returning Null From setState In React 16

Returning null from setState in React 16

Overview React 16 lets you decide whether state gets updated via .setState to prevent unnecessary DOM updates. Calling .setState with null no longer...
Abishek Jakhar
3 min read
Useful Tools And Techniques To Minify CSS

Useful tools and techniques to minify your CSS

Faster page speed, better performance, overall improved user experience — these are the advantages of minifying your CSS files. This may seem obvious,...
Peter Ekene Eze
4 min read
Useful Features In Angular CLI

6 useful features in Angular CLI

With the second iteration of Google’s web framework Angular and a complete rewrite of AngularJS, the Angular community was given a significant upgrade...
Adam Morgan
3 min read

How to migrate from HOCs to Hooks

The future is here, and you’re loving every single second of writing your React code with Hooks. You’re all like “useThis”...
Kristofer Selbekk
3 min read

8 DOM features you didn’t know existed

With so much focus on tooling lately, it’s nice to take a break from all of the React and npm-install-everything posts...
Louis Lazaris
10 min read
What's New In Firefox 67

What’s new in Firefox 67: Prefers-color-scheme and more

Mozilla keeps pushing forward, and the release of Firefox 67 ships a great new feature for accessibility and customization: the prefers-color-scheme query,...
Facundo Corradini
3 min read
Getting Started With Enzyme For React

Getting started with Enzyme for React

Testing is an important step in web application development, especially when it comes to apps made on top of component libraries...
Diogo Souza
7 min read

How to make a tic-tac-toe bot with WebAssembly for Go

A while back, I wrote an article about the basic setup for Go WebAssembly in a React app. We’ll be piggybacking off...
Chris Chuck
14 min read