Ayooluwa Isaiah

  https://github.com/ayoisaiah I'm a software developer from Nigeria with a keen interest in web technologies, security, and performance. I'm currently working on my own products and teaching programming via my website freshman.tech.


11 Stories by Ayooluwa Isaiah

Top Docker and Docker Desktop alternatives

Explore the top alternatives to Docker and Docker Desktop for building, running, and distributing container images, like Podman and Lima.
4 9 min read

5 structured logging packages for Go

With structured logging, your log entries have a consistent format that can be easily processed, allowing you to filter log entries in a variety...
0 9 min read

Benchmarking in Golang: Improving function performance

Review best practices for writing consistent and accurate benchmarks in Go, including the fundamental functions for creating benchmarks and interpreting the results.
2 7 min read

Comparing the best web servers: Caddy, Apache, and Nginx

Examine three web servers, Apache, Nginx, and Caddy, and compare the performance, customizability, and architecture of each.
5 4 min read

Advanced unit testing patterns in Go

Learn how to implement more accurate tests in your Go application by using advanced patterns like mocking, test fixtures, test helpers, and golden files....
0 11 min read

A deep dive into unit testing in Go

Writing unit tests ensures that each unit of code is working correctly, increasing the chance that your application as a whole will function as...
0 9 min read

How to debug Node.js apps in Visual Studio Code

Learn how to debug your Node.js applications with Visual Studio Code, even with languages transpiling to JavaScript.
0 6 min read

How to test code that depends on external APIs in Node.js

Explore two of the most commonly used patterns for testing code that consumes a third-party API: mocking and intercepting the requests.
0 6 min read

What’s new in Go 1.16

Go 1.16, the 17th major version of the Go programming language, has just been released. Here, you can learn everything new in Go 1.16.
0 6 min read

TypeScript 4.1: New features and improvements

TypeScript 4.1 became the latest stable release of the language in late November. Explore the latest features and updates, including template literal types, here....
0 6 min read

How to format quality images using AVIF, Squoosh, and go-avif

Learn how to use AVIF images and Squoosh to compress high-quality images that lower your page load times without degrading image quality.
3 5 min read