Chidume Nnamdi

  I'm a software engineer with over six years of experience. I've worked with different stacks, including WAMP, MERN, and MEAN. My language of choice is JavaScript; frameworks are Angular and Node.js.


44 Stories by Chidume Nnamdi

How to build secure smart contracts using Vyper

Vyper is similar to Solidity, but it is written in a more modern way. Here's how to build smart contracts using Vyper.
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Top 4 Ethereum testnets for testing smart contracts

Let's compare four of the top Ethereum testnets — Rinkeby, Kovan, Ropsten, and Goerli — and review the key features of each testnet.
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How to create and deploy an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain

By learning how to create a token on the Ethereum blockchain, you’ll discover how the technology works and stay ahead of the curve.
9 11 min read

Top 7 blockchain-based databases

Let's explore the concept of a blockchain-based database and evaluate the top database solutions available to blockchain developers.
0 10 min read

Top 6 blockchain development frameworks

By comparing blockchain development frameworks, you can learn their strengths and weaknesses, which will help in making the right choice.
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Controlled vs. uncontrolled components in React

In React, you can either use the state within the component to handle form data or allow the DOM to handle it. These components...
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What’s new in Flutter 2.5

Flutter 2.5 is here. Learn about the most noteworthy new features, including full screen support for Android, Material You, and much more.
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Using GraphQL with Flutter: A tutorial with examples

This tutorial covers how to use GraphQL in a Flutter app, including how to make a query, make a mutation, and set up a...
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How to create Dart packages for Flutter

Let's cover how to build Dart packages and share them with other Flutter developers around the world using practical examples.
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How to use Flutter Hooks

Learn how to use Flutter Hooks to provide a robust and clean way to manage widgets, increase code-sharing, and reduce code duplicates.
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Using SharedPreferences in Flutter to store data locally

SharedPreferences enables you to persist and modify data (such as login credentials) in your Flutter app so you can reuse it later.
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Top 9 UI libraries and kits for React

This guide includes a comprehensive list of React UI kits — everything from innovative newcomers such as Chakra UI to popular stalwarts such as...
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