Chinedu Imoh

  Chinedu is a tech enthusiast focused on full-stack JavaScript and Infrastructure engineering.


8 Stories by Chinedu Imoh

Create responsive layouts with Flexible and Expanded widgets in Flutter

Avoid common overflow errors when creating responsive layouts in Flutter with the Expanded and Flexible widgets.
0 4 min read

Building a 2D game with Flutter

Learn how to build your very own game of Pong (and sharpen your dev skills) with this step-by-step Flutter tutorial.
0 5 min read

A quick guide to Provider for Flutter state management

A brief guide to managing the state of a Flutter app with Provider, a popular package for clean, efficient state management.
0 4 min read

How to create a search bar in Flutter

Learn how to create an animated search bar in your Flutter apps with this quick, step-by-step tutorial and example build.
0 3 min read

A guide to theming your app in Flutter

A beautiful, well designed app theme can make or break a project. Refresh yourself on the basics of theming in Flutter in this tutorial.
0 5 min read

How to build a tab component in React

Learn how to build a tab component in React, an essential detail for React apps that provide a clean and organized view for your...
3 12 min read

Provider vs. Riverpod: Comparing state managers in Flutter

A deep dive into two tools for state management in Flutter: Provider, and its improved successor, Riverpod.
0 5 min read

Building a card widget in Flutter

Learn how to combine standard Flutter widgets to create even more customizable and performant apps in this step-by-step card widget tutorial.
0 5 min read