Edmund Ekott

  https://timfon.dev/ Frontend engineer who specializes in building complex UIs with JavaScript and CSS.


4 Stories by Edmund Ekott

Gridsome vs. Nuxt.js: Comparison and tutorial with examples

In this guide, we’ll evaluate Gridsome and Nuxt.js in terms of the developer experience, general use and best practices, structure, and community adoption. Then...
0 10 min read

GitHub Actions: How to autodeploy your app

In this tutorial, you can learn how to build a sample Vue.js app and automate the process of autodeploying it with GitHub Actions.
0 8 min read

How to take full advantage of full-static mode in Nuxt.js 2.13

Nuxt.js 2.13 introduced improved support for static apps, making it possible to specify how apps in universal mode are handled. In this guide, we'll...
0 2 min read

5 methods for optimizing Vue.js applications

It’s one thing to write Vue.js code and ship it; it’s another thing entirely to make it faster and more enjoyable for your users.
0 5 min read