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A quick guide to Angular scopes

Angular applications normally rely on controllers to control the flow of data in an application. This data is then passed into a view to...
Claudio Ribeiro
3 min read

Writing for readability with declarative arrays

In the last few years, JavaScript has gone through some major changes. The wider adoption of ES6 and the rise of modern frameworks such...
Adam Giese
4 min read

The full guide to using Font Awesome icons in…

There are a number of simple methods to add Font Awesome icons to your Vue.js app.
David Herron
17 min read

A complete guide to default props in React

Learn all you need to know about setting default props for different flavors of React components.
Glad Chinda
6 min read

4 options to help you get started linting your…

You can almost always bet that a good piece of writing has been the benefactor of good editing. In this respect, code is no...
Farley Reynolds
7 min read

Advanced effects with CSS background blend modes

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then blending two pictures together must be worth many times that. Likewise, the design possibilities that...
Bennett Feely
5 min read

Quick guide to React compound components

Compound components is an advanced pattern so it might be overwhelming to use. This guide aims to help you understand the pattern so that...
Aditya Agarwal
5 min read

The easiest way to keep your web apps accessible:…

The easiest way to keep your web apps accessible: Just use text The web is no longer just a collection of static text documents with...
Jason Rodriguez
7 min read

WebAssembly: How and why

How to run native code in the browser, why would you do that, and what does it all mean for JavaScript and the future...
Milica Mihajlija
8 min read

Designing as a developer in 2018

You don’t need an art degree to make your website beautiful Whether you’re building a product, a tool, a website, a service, or a...
Tyler Nickerson
7 min read

Data fetching in Redux apps: A 100% correct approach

Redux is a great tool that solves one of the main problems of UI frameworks: state management. State management on the client side can...
Ohans Emmanuel
11 min read

Building a long-press directive in Vue

Have you ever wanted to execute a function in your Vue application just by holding a button down for a few seconds? Have you...
Nosa Obaseki
4 min read