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Conquer navigation state with React-router and Redux

A fundamental component of traditional applications and single page applications alike is Navigation — being able to move from one page to another. Okay, and so...
Ohans Emmanuel
12 min read

Create React App: A quick setup guide

Create React App is one the most popular tools for creating React app. With just three dependencies, you get support for React, JSX, ES6, polyfills,...
Esteban Herrera
7 min read

The complete guide to using localStorage in JavaScript apps

localStorage is a type of web storage that allows JavaScript sites and apps to store and access data right in the browser with no...
Nosa Obaseki
2 min read

CSS transitions 101: Let’s animate a toggle button icon

The role of web animation goes well beyond that of being a mere piece of decoration. You can use it to guide web visitors’...
Maria Antonietta Perna
8 min read

How CSS works: Creating layers with z-index

Introduction This post is the third in “How CSS Works” — a series where we dive deep into the fundamental building blocks of CSS that can...
Benjamin Johnson
5 min read

The noob’s guide to CSS Grid

The days of tables, margin hacks, positioning magic, and the unorthodox ways floats were used to achieve layout desires are finally behind us. We...
Dennis Gaebel
10 min read

Beyond REST — Using GraphQL to shape your data

Overview GraphQL is an exciting API for ad-hoc queries and manipulation of hierarchical data. It is extremely flexible, has great tooling and provides many...
Gigi Sayfan
9 min read

The best React inline style libraries  compared

In any non-trivial React app, CSS styles can become a problem if you don’t manage them correctly. Global style definitions, !important rules everywhere, and low...
Esteban Herrera
11 min read

Using Recompose to write clean higher-order components

If you like keeping things simple in React by creating small components with functional component syntax and then using them as pieces to create...
JuanMa Garrido
7 min read

Set up React Hot Loader in 10 minutes

Several years ago, it was becoming tiring (and annoying in the case where the changes do not render as expected) to refresh the browser...
Christian Nwamba
7 min read

Flexing with CSS Flexbox

Flexbox also known as flexible box is a type of layout model in CSS that makes it super easy to design responsive layouts. The...
Nosa Obaseki
3 min read