Nelson Michael
May 17, 2023 ⋅ 6 min read

The best Next.js starter templates

Nelson Michael Nelson Michael is a frontend developer from Nigeria. When he's not meddling with CSS, he spends his time writing, sharing what he knows, and playing games.

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4 Replies to "The best Next.js starter templates"

  1. I was went into a deep rabbithole to find a good blog starter with mdx.
    Don’t want any CMS etc. The thing with all of these is that it requires so much config to get going.
    Anyway for those looking I found this one here https://github.com/timlrx/tailwind-nextjs-starter-blog and this one https://github.com/johnpolacek/nextjs-mdx-blog-starter which is a bit outdated.
    They are fine depending on how much time you have on your hands.
    Lastly, I came across https://shipixen.com and this was quite crazy. I put my logo, theme and a bit of metadata and got a deploy button to Vercel. That was it 🤯

    So yeah if you don’t have the time and just want a blog boilerplate with your stuff Shipixen is very cool. Otherwise the 2 options are decent but it took me an entire day to configure and I didn’t even get to the favicon and stuff.

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