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Mar 29, 2022 ⋅ 7 min read

Testing Next.js apps with Jest

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8 Replies to "Testing Next.js apps with Jest"

  1. Below error occured,

    Cannot find module ‘react-dom/client’ from ‘node_modules/@testing-library/react/dist/pure.js’

    1. Hey Somnath! This error might have been caused because of your packages not being properly installed. Please delete the “node_modules” folder and run “npm install” again. Make sure you’re importing functions and components from the correct package.

  2. hey, the second test is failed:
    ` it(“adds numbers”, () => {
    // check if adds properly
    const num1input = screen.getByTestId(“num1”)
    const num2input = screen.getByTestId(“num2”)
    const addButton = screen.getByTestId(“add”)
    const resultArea = screen.getByTestId(“result”)
    fireEvent.change(num1input, { target: { value: 5 } })
    fireEvent.change(num2input, { target: { value: 8 } })

    Expected element to have text content:

  3. This if for a Next.js Project. It said “As of Jest 28 “jest-environment-jsdom” is no longer shipped by default, make sure to install it separately.” So I did “npm install –save-dev jest-environment-jsdom” and I’ve removed the line “testEnvironment: “jest-environment-jsdom”,” from the “jest.config.js” file. Then it works..!

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