Incremental Static Regeneration with Next.js

Next.js v9.5 introduces Incremental Static Regeneration, a hybrid version of SSG and SSR. Here's why it's a game-changer for web development.
Ido Shamun
5 min read

Building a full-stack application with Next.js and Firestore DB

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a database with Cloud Firestore and communicate with the database through a Next.js app.
Doğacan Bilgili
11 min read

Performance differences in Next.js vs. Create React App

Next.js vs. Create React App: who comes out on top in the battle of SSR versus CSR?
Sean Connolly
5 min read

How to use NextAuth.js for client-side authentication in Next.js

Here, you can learn how to set up client-side authentication that doesn’t require a password in Next.js using the secure library NextAuth.js.
Ejiro Asiuwhu
9 min read

Enabling server-side rendering in React for improved app performance

Client-side rendered React apps are great but having server-side rendered apps in React have noticeable benefits.
Muhammad Muhsin
5 min read

Next.js vs. GatsbyJS: comparing two React frameworks

Next.js vs. GatsbyJS: a web framework showdown for the ages.
Paramanantham Harrison
8 min read

Using Next.js with TypeScript

Here, you can learn how to use Next.js with TypeScript. We'll also introduce you to a modern stack for building high-quality, search-optimized apps.
Ibrahima Ndaw
5 min read

Exploring zones in Next.js

Next.js zones allow different developer teams to build and deploy parts of an app individually, then merge them into a single application.
Vilva Athiban P B
2 min read

Authentication in Next.js: Building an auth API with NextAuth.js

Learn how to seamlessly implement email and OAuth authentication in Next.js apps using NextAuth.js, a library designed for authentication.
Francis Udeji
11 min read

Prefetching and dynamic routing with Next.js

In addition to out-of-the-box SSR support, Next.js offers link prefetching and dynamic routing features. Explore these features alongside Agility CMS.
Eslam Hefnawy
10 min read

What’s new in Next.js 10

Next.js recently released one of its much-awaited major versions (version 10) and there are a lot of exciting features to try.
Kapeel Kokane
8 min read

Next.js vs. React: The developer experience

The developer experience for Next.js vs. React is similar in some ways and drastically different in others.
Andrew Evans
9 min read