Implementing SSR in Next.js: Dynamic Routing And Prefetching

Implementing SSR in Next.js: Dynamic routing and prefetching

Delve into dynamic routing in Next.js, both on the client and server sides, and explore nested routing and query parameters with...
Elijah Agbonze
15 min read
Using Blitz With Next Js To Build A Full Stack App

Using Blitz with Next.js to build a full-stack app

Let's explore how to use Blitz, an amazing, fast, and seamless framework, to build a full-stack Next.js application.
Isaac Okoro
11 min read
Using Opennext To Deploy A Next Js App To Aws Lambda

Using OpenNext to deploy a Next.js app to AWS Lambda

OpenNext is an open source adapter for the Next.js framework that helps integrate your Next.js app smoothly with AWS services like...
Nwani Victory
7 min read
Data Fetching With GetServerSideProps And GetStaticProps

Data fetching in Next.js with getServerSideProps and getStaticProps

Compare the `getInitialProps`, `getServerSideProps`, and `getStaticProps` data fetching methods, and how they work for server-side rendering and static site generation.
Yomi Eluwande
8 min read
Customizing Environment Variables In Next.js 13

Customizing environment variables in Next.js 13

Next.js environment variables influence the way an application runs or behaves in different contexts and environments.
Joseph Mawa
8 min read
Next.js Vs. Gatsby: Comparing React Frameworks

Next.js vs. Gatsby: Comparing React frameworks

Compare the two React frameworks, Gatsby and Next.js, based on use cases and performance when building a variety of websites.
Peter Ekene Eze
12 min read
End-To-End Type Safety With Next.js, Prisma, And GraphQL

End-to-end type safety with Next.js, Prisma, and GraphQL

Explore end-to-end type safety using Next.js, Prisma, and GraphQL by building a wishlist application that allows a user to bookmark items...
Alex Ruheni
15 min read
7 Common Next.js Errors and How to Solve Them

7 common Next.js errors and how to solve them

Let's explore the causes and solutions of some common errors in Next.js that you may encounter during development.
Kingsley Ubah
6 min read
Building Next.js Apps With Materio

Building Next.js apps with Materio

Materio, a Next.js and React admin template, allows you to successfully customize your Next.js app with customizable, developer-friendly features.
Suraj Vishwakarma
5 min read
React Server Components in Next.js 13

React Server Components in Next.js 13

Use React Server Components to effectively manage rendering and build apps that span the server and client.
Chinwike Maduabuchi
8 min read
Handling Data Fetching In Next.js With UseSWR

Handling data fetching in Next.js with useSWR

Explore the basics of the useSWR Hook in Next.js, as well as working with reusable data fetching and pagination using the...
Elijah Agbonze
16 min read
Dealing With Links In Next.js

Dealing with links in Next.js

In this article, we explain two techniques for isolating routing in your Next.js application.
Radoslav Stankov
6 min read