Debugging Tailwind CSS and Next.js

Using Tailwind CSS and Next.js together can be a powerful match, sometimes a few bugs get in the way. Learn to fix them in...
Rahul Chhodde
6 min read

Improve app performance with React server-side rendering

React server-side rendering offers performance benefits vs. client-side rendering. Learn about different React SSR frameworks.
Muhammad Muhsin
7 min read

How Astro compares to Next.js for React apps

At their most basic levels, Next.js is a full-stack framework specifically built for React, whereas Astro is a static site generator offering support for...
Cole Gawin
6 min read

Choosing the best Next.js hosting platform

Different projects have different needs. Let's go over three hosting solutions for Next.js, including Vercel, Netlify, and Heroku.
Marie Starck
5 min read

Using Next.js’ middleware and Edge Functions

Middleware is a Next.js feature that solves basic problems like authentication and geolocation with the help of Vercel Edge Functions.
Temitope Oyedele
4 min read

Understanding state management in Next.js

Follow along in this tutorial as we build several mini-applications to showcase the different ways to manage state in Next.js apps.
Madars Bišs
8 min read

Hacker News client with Chakra UI and Next.js 

Build a Hacker News client that is responsive for mobile view, is server-side rendered, and supports pagination.
Kapeel Kokane
8 min read

How to use a proxy in Next.js

A proxy can be used to act as a relay between clients and servers. This article will help you understand how to implement them.
Precious Luke
4 min read

How to create a DAO with Next.js and thirdweb

Learn how to build a DAO, mint NFTs, airdrop tokens, and add voting functionality using only JavaScript in this complete tutorial.
Avneesh Agarwal
13 min read

Testing Next.js apps with Jest

Jest makes testing large Next.js apps a breeze with automated tests that alert you when something goes wrong.
Atharva Deosthale
7 min read

The best styling options for Next.js

Choosing a styling option is dependent on many factors. Thankfully, Next.js offers built-in support for CSS in a variety of different ways.
Marie Starck
7 min read

Testing and error handling patterns in Next.js 

Check out these different ways to run tests and handle errors in Next.js apps using Cypress, a JavaScript-based testing framework.
Raphael Ugwu
7 min read