Applying Atomic Design to your Next.js project

In this article, we will focus on Atomic Design, learn its principles, and apply them to create a basic blog page in a Next.js...
Nefe James
6 min read

Improving Next.js app performance with BlurHash

Learn how to use BlurHash to generate placeholder images for a Next.js application for improved app performance and user experience.
Pelumi Akintokun
6 min read

Troubleshooting a Next.js app with ESLint

Learn how to troubleshoot bugs in a Next.js app with ESlint — a useful tool that enforces code styles and keeps your code clean.
Avneesh Agarwal
3 min read

Build an API with Serverless Functions in Next.js

Serverless functions are not directly a part of Next.js' API. Next.js provides developers with API routes that can be deployed on Vercel as serverless...
Lawrence Eagles
6 min read

A guide to using Convex for state management

Get to grips with Convex, a full-stack solution including data storage, retrieval, and mutations, all built into an SDK for global state management.
Anshuman Bhardwaj
9 min read

How to build a progress bar indicator in Next.js

Learn how to use Next.js Router events to create a progress bar indicator and then customize the loader with styling and animation.
David Omotayo
7 min read

Implementing user authorization in Next.js

Let's explore how to use the NextAuth.js library to implement user authorization (OAuth2.0) in Next.js applications.
Kingsley Ubah
7 min read

Build a PWA with GraphCommerce and Next.js

Discover how to create an ecommerce store with GraphCommerce and customize it easily with Next.js and React.
Marie Starck
2 min read

Dynamic imports and code splitting with Next.js

Speed up your app and fine-tune your Next.js app's production performance with this tutorial on dynamic imports and code splitting.
Emmanuel Odioko
5 min read

How to implement redirects in Next.js

Set up an app and take a closer look at different ways you can implement redirects in your Next.js projects, with code snippets for...
Madars Bišs
7 min read

Build a full-stack app with Next.js and Supabase

We'll build an app using Next.js and Supabase. The concept is for users to track and create workout activities based on specified parameters
Taofiq Aiyelabegan
14 min read

Deploying Next.js with Flask

Learn how to adopt Next.js to a Flask application to benefit from server-side rendering.
Eze Sunday
5 min read