Nefe Emadamerho-Atori
Aug 31, 2023 ⋅ 13 min read

Angular vs. React vs. Vue.js: Comparing performance

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31 Replies to "Angular vs. React vs. Vue.js: Comparing performance"

  1. What about KnockoutJS? It’s a library that allpws you to use the MVC pattern along with data binding. Would it be used alongside React?

  2. I prefer angular and Vue over react as react itself has many disadvantages such as React uses JSX which is a barrier. You can say it is the syntax extension that mixes both HTML and JAVA. Moreover pace of development in React is very fast so for the developers like me it’s very difficult to adapt easily the change.

  3. I have used both Angular 2+ and Vuejs to develop my 2 websites.
    My first website was developed with Angular2, had great deep learning curve with it, especially with NGRX involved.
    My second website icyprice.com was developed with Vuejs, with much faster development cycle and better performance.
    I definitely recommend vuejs over Angular. And I’m going to move away from Angular by porting my first website to vuejs.

    You can feel the speed of my website icyprice.com which is developed by vuejs.

  4. As an Angular developer for a long time, I am aware of Angular advantages over React and Vue. I prefer Angular. Thanks for the detailed comparison Piero, I got some great information from your post. Thanks again.

  5. I have discovered if you use Angular’s manual change detection strategy, which isn’t that hard to get use to, the performance gain is exponential for screens with a lot of data like dashboards. It would be interesting to see that row swap benchmark using manual change detection.

  6. We have written a scaffolding tool the implements a full stack angular front end/c# api backend. Originally it implemented this as Vue. On an enterprise business application with 50 to 70 tables and admin table maintenance screens, the angular 10 compiled to 1 meg or less on the front end. The Vue doesn’t compile and is more like the old angular js. The Angular compiler even checks the html views for type safe code. Vue has no code checking.
    There is no contest between Vue and Angular in performance. The Vue pages, of the same enterprise application, scaffolded implementing with Vue is so sluggish, loading just basic test data, that it’s unacceptable and the Vue had to be scrapped and replaced with Angular. The angular 10 performance is superior, and that is with using their out of the box, automatic change detection, not manual change detection.

    1. Hey Randall, we’d be keen to learn more about this. It definitely tracks with some of trends we’ve seen developing in frontend over the last few months. Any chance you’d be interested in writing a post on this for the LogRocket blog? Or even just sharing the tool? Let me know — mangelosanto[at]logrocket[dot]com

  7. Thanks, I wanted some info about Vue.js for a product review based on this technology and your article helped me. I don’t know complex terms but was able to deduce the info.

  8. Vue is more customizable than Angular or React, making it easier to understand. Furthermore, Vue’s features, such as the use of modules, overlaps with that of Angular and React. As a result, switching from one of the two to Vue is easy.

  9. I don’t know how React is good for SEO. It’s a single page app, also Vue is faster and smaller in bundle size.
    Unless you mean to use Next.js, then we are talking about another framework (or meta framework), and don’t forget that Next.js ships a whopping 80KB of data to browser on initial load.

  10. Well its so invalid to compare Angular v13 with React v18 at Aug 31, 2023 when Angular v16 already was released back then.

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