Optimizing Vue Js Apps With Web Workers

Optimizing Vue.js apps with web workers

Web workers can improve Vue app performance by offloading resource-intensive tasks to separate threads, enhancing responsiveness and UX.
Temitope Oyedele
6 min read
Angular Vs. React Vs. Vue.js: Comparing Performance

Angular vs. React vs. Vue.js: Comparing performance

Compare the three popular frameworks, React, Vue, and Angular, to see which is a good fit by comparing their performance, ease...
Nefe James
13 min read
Comparing The Vue 3 Options Api And Composition Api For Component Creation

Comparing the Vue 3 Options API and Composition API

Vue offers two methods for component creation: the Options API and the Composition API. Let's compare their pros, cons, and use...
Ivaylo Gerchev
7 min read
Top 3 Services to Deploy a Vue App for Free

Top 3 services to deploy a Vue app for free

We explore the best free services for deploying Vue.js apps, along with instructions on how to deploy an app on each...
Popoola Temitope
6 min read
Vue 3 for React developers

Vue 3 for React developers: Side-by-side comparison with demos

In this comprehensive guide to Vue for React developers, we teach you how to make the most of transferring your React...
Sebastian Weber
27 min read

How to wrap, extend, or proxy a Vue component

Wrapping, extending, and proxying can increase the flexibility of your Vue components, but it's important to do it correctly. Learn how...
Emmanuel John
12 min read
Inheritance Vs Composition Vue

Inheritance vs. composition in Vue

Inheritance allows code reuse by inheriting properties and methods from a parent component. Composition, however, is simply a way to reuse...
Oyinkansola Awosan
4 min read
Vue.js Conditional Rendering V-If Vs. V-Show

Vue.js conditional rendering: v-if vs. v-show

We explore conditional rendering in Vue using the v-if and v-show directives and consider distinctions between them.
David Omotayo
5 min read
Vue Logo

Customized drag-and-drop file uploading with Vue

File upload components tend to be more intuitive on the desktop, allowing you to drag and drop files into specific zones...
Elijah Asaolu
6 min read
Reactivity Vue Composition API

Reactivity with the Vue 3 Composition API: ref() and reactive()

Reactivity allows us to write cleaner code, preventing us from having to manually update the UI in response to data changes.
Oyinkansola Awosan
8 min read
Using Event Bus In Vue.js To Pass Data Between Components

Using event bus in Vue.js to pass data between components

The Vue.js event bus enables independent communication between components without passing through a central or parent component.
Nwose Lotanna
6 min read
Selecting the best Vue 3 notification library

Selecting the best Vue 3 toast notification library

There are many options for Vue toast messages, and in this post, we cover three popular options for implementing them in...
Ishan Manandhar
4 min read