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Notifications, caching, and messages in a progressive web app…

With PWAs, you can request permission to display browser notifications, use the cache to make your website load faster, and more. Learn how to...
Diogo Spínola
7 min read

Making REST more human with GraphQL

One of the biggest hidden benefits of GraphQL is its human-friendliness.
Bernardo Raposo
10 min read

Types vs. interfaces in TypeScript

It is very simple to get started with TypeScript, but sometimes we need to think more about the best use case for us. In...
Leonardo Maldonado
4 min read

Which UI libraries support dark mode?

This post lists several UIs that support dark mode out of the box to make developers' lives easier when they're looking to improve user...
Dylan Tientcheu
3 min read

How to improve developer experience with React Suspense in…

Technically the same user experience can be accomplished with the current technology without React Suspense but it can be said that creating a better...
Daishi Kato
6 min read

Web storage made simple with use-local-storage-state

The useLocalStorageState Hook makes it easier to persist data in the browser by abstracting the use of localStorage into a React Hook.
John Au-Yeung
3 min read

Introduction to treat

Learn how treat can help you reduce CSS in JS runtime overhead while simultaneously providing legacy browser support and type safety.
Nathan Sebhastian
2 min read

Comparing developer experience for cross-platform frameworks

This post compares React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, and NativeScript based on setup, documentation, hot reloading, and debugging.
Dylan Tientcheu
9 min read

How to organize your Rust tests

Testing is a cheap and easy way to find bugs. Learn how to implement doctests, black- and white-box tests, test helpers, QuickCheck, fuzz testing,...
Andre Bogus
8 min read

Speeding up your development environment with SQLite

Learn how SQLite can be used in development alongside other relational databases like Postgres.
Ebenezer Don
5 min read

What’s coming in Babel 8

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the features and improvements on the previous versions, coming to version 8...
Anjolaoluwa Adebayo-Oyetoro
4 min read

async/await is the wrong abstraction

I still do use async/await and it is excellent for a one-call scenario, but I, and many others, have discovered it is minimal for...
Paul Cowan
4 min read