Onuorah Bonaventure
Mar 7, 2023 ⋅ 12 min read

Web workers, React, and TypeScript

Onuorah Bonaventure Full-stack web developer that loves connecting brands to their customers by developing amazing, performant websites. Interested in teaching programming concepts and breaking down difficult concepts. When I'm not coding, I play chess and checkers with my friends while listening to cool Afrobeats.

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5 Replies to "Web workers, React, and TypeScript"

  1. Hi I couldn’t make it work, and the only difference I have is that I started the project with Vite xD is it something that could affect, or should i try to re-start the project using create-react-app? thanks

    1. Hello Lenz,

      I can see that you are having difficulty using the article on vite.

      Try using it with create react app.

    2. For anyone else wondering. If you’re using Vite, you can import the workers like this:

      import CountWorker from “./longProcess/count?worker”

      then use it in your useMemo hook:

      const counter: Worker = useMemo(() => new CountWorker(), []);

  2. Have you found any way to get new Worker(new URL(“./longProcesses/count.ts”, import.meta.url)) working when testing with Jest, (via create-react-app?) Jest throws “SyntaxError: Cannot use ‘import.meta’ outside a module” no matter what I do, and I haven’t found a good solution online.

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