Types vs. interfaces in TypeScript

It is very simple to get started with TypeScript, but sometimes we need to think more about the best use case for us. In...
Leonardo Maldonado
4 min read

A practical guide to TypeScript decorators

Not only does TypeScript add type safety to JavaScript apps, it also comes with cool features that don't yet exist in the dynamic programming...
Rahman Fadhil
5 min read

Deno 1.0: What you need to know

Deno, a general-purpose JavaScript/TypeScript programming environment set for release on May 13, brings together many of the best open-source technologies and offers a comprehensive...
David Else
13 min read

Publishing Node modules with TypeScript and ES modules

Learn how you can write your packages in TypeScript but still ship your users modern JavaScript code that they won’t have to manually compile.
Jack Franklin
8 min read

Discussing the over-engineering trap in TypeScript

In this article, we will go through the advantages and disadvantages of using TypeScript. This will give us a better idea of when to...
William Lim
6 min read

Integrating TypeScript with GraphQL

Learn how to combine the power of TypeScript with GraphQL in our tutorial on the TypeGraphQL library.
Alexander Nnakwue
12 min read

How to set up and code Nuxt.js apps fully…

Learn how to build a Nuxt.js application completely in TypeScript using both official and third-party libraries to help reduce bugs and facilitate collaboration among...
Preetish HS
8 min read

Why TypeScript enums suck

This post provides an overview of common mistakes people make when using TypeScript enums.
Aaron Powell
5 min read

Code splitting React components with TypeScript and NO Babel

In the React ecosystem, tools like loadable-componets add a much simpler veneer of sanity around dynamic imports.
Paul Cowan
5 min read

What’s new in TypeScript 3.8

Typescript 3.8 was released on February 20th, 2020. This version includes changes to the compiler, performance, and editor.
Esteban Herrera
6 min read

Async/await in TypeScript

With async and await, you can write asynchronous code that looks and behaves like synchronous code, making it much easier to read, write, and...
Olasunkanmi John Ajiboye
7 min read

How to set up your Gridsome app to use…

Gridsome is a framework built atop the Vue.js framework (yes, you heard that right. It's a framework of a framework).
Anjolaoluwa Adebayo-Oyetoro
4 min read