Scaffolding an app with Vue 3, Nuxt, and TypeScript

Learn how Nuxt, Vue 3, and TypeScript work together in this job board demo app and how this combination supports developer experience.
Lawrence Eagles
6 min read

Testing TypeScript apps using Jest

Learn how to use the popular testing library, Jest, for your TypeScript apps in this detailed tutorial of functional test implementation.
Ibiyemi Adewakun
8 min read

Using Observables to transform data in TypeScript

Explore Observables, how they are used to handle event-driven data, and errors and asynchronous data in a TypeScript application.
Emmanuel John
5 min read

Linting in TypeScript using ESLint and Prettier

Here's how to use ESLint and TypeScript for linting and how to add Prettier and additional tooling that will automate this process.
Paul Ccari
7 min read

Understanding infer in TypeScript

The infer keyword and conditional typing in TypeScript allow us to take a type and isolate it for later use. Learn more here.
Simohamed Marhraoui
4 min read

Building a type-safe dictionary in TypeScript

In this article, we’ll cover how to build a type-safe dictionary using TypeScript in a few quick and easy-to-follow steps.
Gapur Kassym
4 min read

Exploring advanced compiler options in TypeScript

Learn advanced TypeScript compiler options such as strictPropertyInitialization, noImplicitThis, noImplicitReturns, and strictNullChecks.
Emmanuel John
5 min read

Adding TypeScript to an existing Svelte project

Explore three different bundlers that you can use to easily migrate TypeScript code into your Svelte project.
Gregory Pabian
4 min read

Make sharing TypeScript code and types quick and easy

Explore the ways you can save time and more easily share the TypeScript code and types you and your team need in this tutorial.
Ashley Davis
13 min read

Type flowing: Rethinking the TypeScript typing system

Learn how to "think with types" and use TypeScript advanced types to build strongly typed systems and make your code safer.
Yan Sun
8 min read

vanilla-extract tutorial: Create zero-runtime style sheets in TypeScript

vanilla-extract helps you create zero-runtime style sheets in TypeScript. Learn how by building and theming a demo app with React and webpack.
Julio Sampaio
8 min read

Creating a Chrome extension with React and TypeScript

Learn how Chrome extensions work and communicate, then see how to build one using the full power of React and TypeScript.
Juan Cruz Martinez
10 min read