Typical Protobuf Data Serialization TypeScript

Typical vs. Protobuf: Data serialization in TypeScript

We investigate two serialization technologies, Typical and Protobuf, and see how to serialize and deserialize data in TypeScript.
Alec Brunelle
8 min read
Implementing Function Overloading TypeScript

Implementing function overloading in TypeScript

We discuss function overloading in TypeScript and investigate how (and in what scenario) )we can most effectively implement it.
Nelson Michael
5 min read
Common TypeScript Module Problems And How To Solve Them

Common TypeScript module problems and how to solve them

Avoid common module problems in TypeScript using the TypeScript compiler and module system.
Emmanuel John
6 min read
Kanel Tutorial: Generating TypeScript Types From PostgreSQL

Kanel tutorial: Generating TypeScript types from PostgreSQL

Learn how to use Kanel to generate TypeScript types from PostgreSQL, then see it in action by building a to-do app.
Agustinus Theodorus
8 min read
Using The New Using Operator In Typescript For Better Resource Management

Resource management in TypeScript with the using keyword

TypeScript's new using operator can help us manage our resources better. Let's explore how it works and why it's useful in...
Lewis Cianci
8 min read
How To Configure A Path Alias In A React And Typescript App For Cleaner Imports, Better Organization, And Improved Maintainability

Using path aliases for cleaner React and TypeScript imports

Let's explore how to configure path aliases in a React and TypeScript app for cleaner imports, organization, and maintainability.
Oghenetega Denedo
4 min read
How To Build A GraphQL API With NestJS

How to build a GraphQL API with NestJS

GraphQL provides a complete and understandable description of the data in your API and makes it easier to evolve APIs over...
Godwin Ekuma
10 min read
How To Perform Type Casting In TypeScript

How to perform type casting in TypeScript

Improve the type safety of your projects with type casting, and understand subtype and supertype relationships.
Paul Akinyemi
7 min read
Comparing The Best TypeScript IDEs

Comparing the best TypeScript IDEs

Compare the best IDEs for TypeScript, such as Visual Studio Code, based on ease of use, plugins, and performance.
Lewis Cianci
10 min read
Building A Serverless App With TypeScript

Building a serverless app with TypeScript

The Serverless Framework allows you to design, deploy, debug, and protect serverless applications with minimal overhead and cost, all while providing...
Ekekenta Odionyenfe
10 min read
Iterate Over Enums TypeScript

How to iterate over enums in TypeScript

We explore different approaches for iterating over enums in TypeScript, such as inbuilt object methods, for loops, and the Lodash library.
Matteo Di Pirro
5 min read
Build TypeScript App Vite

How to build a React + TypeScript app with Vite

We explore the benefits of building an app with React, TypeScript, and Vite, and compare its performance to the same app...
Clara Ekekenta
7 min read