Onuorah Bonaventure

  https://bonarhyme.com/ Full-stack web developer that loves connecting brands to their customers by developing amazing, performant websites. Interested in teaching programming concepts and breaking down difficult concepts. When I'm not coding, I play chess and checkers with my friends while listening to cool Afrobeats.


5 Stories by Onuorah Bonaventure

Styling webpages with Sakura CSS

In this article, we will demonstrate how to use a classless framework like Sakura CSS to build a portfolio page.
0 8 min read

Web workers, React, and TypeScript

If set up correctly, a web worker can send and receive messages from the JavaScript or TypeScript code where it was set up.
3 12 min read

A guide to using Primer.css

Primer.css helps keep styles consistent. In this article, we will learn about Primer.css, how to use it, and what it takes from BEM.
0 17 min read

Best CSS shape generators with demo

In this article, we will learn about the seven best CSS shape generators and how they allow us to generate any CSS shape of...
0 9 min read

How to create a confetti effect in CSS

We'll make different shapes in CSS, as well as learn to animate the shapes and randomize their characteristics to create a confetti effect.
1 10 min read