Brian De Sousa
Apr 25, 2024 ⋅ 9 min read

Switching between Node versions during development

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4 Replies to "Switching between Node versions during development"

  1. Excellent article, very well written and explained, surely helps with the headache of dealing with multiple n versions, specially for new developers that are just getting familiarized with it. Keep them coming !

  2. the names applcation1 and application2 what are they? are they file names or folder names, i typed the folder names of node.js app but it says cant find the specified path

  3. Application 1 and 2 are folder names. They represent theoretical applications that run on Node. This post refers to application 1 as an Angular 5 application and application 2 as an Angular 7 application as an example of two different applications with different Node version requirements however they can be any type of application as long as each folder has a package.json. Hope that helps!

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