Sebastian Weber Frontend developer from Germany. Fell in love with CSS over 20 years ago. My fire for web development still blazes. Currently my focus is on React.


13 Stories by Sebastian Weber

Exploring workspaces and other advanced package manager features

Don't think a lot about your package manager? Learn more in this article about the advances in package manager features you may have missed....
0 21 min read

JavaScript package managers compared: npm, Yarn, or pnpm?

With the spate of popular JavaScript package managers reaching relative feature parity, it's time to compare: npm, Yarn, or pnpm?
2 20 min read

Next-level component showcasing with Storybook controls

Learn about controls, a new Storybook addon that lets you dynamically interact with your React components for demo and testing purposes.
3 13 min read

Improve custom Hook debugging with useDebugValue

In this tutorial, learn how to use the useDebugValue Hook to make debugging reports for your custom React Hooks easier and more descriptive.
0 4 min read

Renovate: Dependency updates on steroids

Up-to-date dependencies are vital in software development. Learn how Renovate automatically updates your dependencies in CI/CD environments.
1 12 min read

useState vs. useRef: Similarities, differences, and use cases

Learn the similarities and differences between the useState and useRef Hooks in React, as illustrated demos and use cases.
0 12 min read

How to debug encrypted network traffic in React Native

Extend the shipped React Native toolbox with sophisticated utilities for debugging encrypted network traffic.
0 14 min read

Understanding relative CSS units

Understanding key differences between absolute and relative units in CSS is crucial for building fluid layouts and responsive designs.
0 12 min read

The last guide to the useEffect Hook you’ll ever need

Understanding how the useEffect Hook works, and why it requires a wholesale shift in mindset, is essential to writing modern React code.
19 24 min read

Why unfavorable React keys lead to unpredictable behavior

In React, each child in a list needs a unique key. When this doesn't happen, the consequences can be unpredictable — and serious.
2 8 min read

JavaScript concepts to master before learning React

Before learning React, it makes good sense to master the common JavaScript patterns you'll see in virtually every React app.
16 14 min read

An in-depth guide to performance optimization with webpack

A good understanding of webpack's underlying principles can vastly improve your bundle size and overall app performance.
6 21 min read