David Omotayo

  Frontend developer and indie game enthusiast.


26 Stories by David Omotayo

Working with CSV files with react-papaparse

We explore how to implement CSV functionality into a React app using react-papaparse, as well as handle errors and create downloadable files.
0 14 min read

Integrating Supabase with Cloudflare Workers

We walk through the process of setting up, configuring, and deploying a Supabase database on Cloudflare Workers.
0 5 min read

Build an efficient app with Qwik React

We explore how to use the Qwik React package to integrate Qwik with React to build a highly efficient app.
0 12 min read

Vue.js conditional rendering: v-if vs. v-show

We explore conditional rendering in Vue using the v-if and v-show directives and consider distinctions between them.
0 5 min read

Creating animated logos with Lottie and Vue 3

We demonstrate how to create, customize, export, and add Lottie animations (including animated logos) to Vue 3 projects.
1 10 min read

Build async-awaitable animations with Shifty

We demonstrate how use Shifty and JavaScript async/await functions to generate engaging, fast, high-performance animations.
0 7 min read

Boost accessibility for high-contrast users with CSS

Learn how to improve accessibility and enhance UX for high-contrast users with CSS and how to diagnose website accessibility issues.
0 8 min read

How to build a progress bar indicator in Next.js

Learn how to use Next.js Router events to create a progress bar indicator and then customize the loader with styling and animation.
0 7 min read

A guide to adding SSR to an existing Vue 3 app

We discuss server-side rendering, its advantages and disadvantages, and demonstrate how to incorporate SSR into a preexisting Vue 3 project.
5 14 min read

How ArrowJS compares to React and Vue.js

ArrowJS is proving to be a powerful tool for building fast, reactive UIs with native JavaScript. Learn how it compares to React and Vue.
0 9 min read

Shoelace: Build web components for React

Shoelace is a UI library built on web component technology; it offers the same experience as any JavaScript framework but with better perks.
0 11 min read

Build a React dashboard with Tremor

Use Tremor, a low-level library for building dashboards in React, and create an interactive dashboard application.
0 13 min read