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  Writer, software engineer, and a lifelong student.


22 Stories by Raphael Ugwu

Rendering JSON animations in React applications

Rendering JSON animations in React can be tricky. We troubleshoot and solve the issues using react-lottie, a plugin for the Adobe Bodymovin extension.
0 6 min read

Testing and error handling patterns in Next.js 

Check out these different ways to run tests and handle errors in Next.js apps using Cypress, a JavaScript-based testing framework.
1 7 min read

Introduction to testing SvelteKit applications

Cover the fundamentals for testing applications in SvelteKit, including unit testing with Jest and Svelte Testing Library and end-to-end testing with Cypress.
0 4 min read

Improve mobile UI with React Native safe-area-context

Use React Native safe-area-context to build interfaces that easily adapt to different mobile screens, providing a uniform UX across different devices.
0 3 min read

How to create a React admin panel

Learn how to build an admin panel for React applications with react-admin, a framework that builds admin interfaces by consuming APIs.
5 7 min read

Building cross-platform desktop apps with Svelte, Electron, and Reloadly

Follow along with a tutorial and example build for a cross-platform app using Svelte, Electron, and Reloadly.
0 5 min read

Handling server-side applications with Nuxt’s Composition API

In this post, we'll take a look at how the Nuxt Composition API works and best practices for using it in projects.
0 4 min read

Component testing in Nuxt.js

In this article, we're going to set up a game store application with Nuxt.js and test its components.
1 5 min read

Advanced data fetching techniques in Vue

In this post, we'll take a look at the best practices for fetching data in advanced scenarios when working with Vue. We'll also learn...
0 5 min read

Building cross-platform applications with Quasar

With a lot of options out there for frontend development, choosing a particular framework for teams could be a tough decision. It gets trickier...
0 5 min read

What you need to know about Netlify build plugins

In this post, we're going to learn what Netlify build plugins are, what they do, and how you can create one.
0 5 min read

Atomic CSS-in-JS vs. utility-first frameworks

In this article, we'll take a look at atomic CSS-in-JS libraries and utility-first CSS frameworks, how they compare to each other, their shortcomings, and...
0 5 min read