Isaac Okoro

  Isaac is a software engineer and technical writer based in Nigeria. An avid reader and football lover with a passion for community and self-improvement.


5 Stories by Isaac Okoro

Build a web editor with react-monaco-editor

In this article, we will explore how to build a web editor with React and the react-monaco-editor package.
0 6 min read

Using React Flow to plan a React project

Successful projects need adequate planning and architecture. Here, we will look at how to use React Flow to plan your next React project.
1 4 min read

Building a React portfolio website with Locomotive Scroll

Locomotive Scroll provides support for various forms of scrolling animations, including smooth scrolling, animated page overlays, and parallax effects.
2 12 min read

Event bubbling and capturing in React

This article will look to handle events in React through event delegation, propagation, bubbling, capturing, and SyntheticEvents in React.
0 6 min read

Build a React comment form with @mention functionality

With the introduction of @mention, you can mention friends and invite them to join the discussion. Today, you see forms with @mention functionalities in...
1 8 min read