Rupesh Chaudhari

  Rupesh is a programming enthusiast who is currently working with React Native to build beautiful hybrid mobile apps. He likes to solve competitive programming puzzles and enjoys gaming in his free time.


9 Stories by Rupesh Chaudhari

.NET MAUI tutorial for Android and iOS

.NET MAUI isn’t limited to just iOS and Android; we could also deploy our application on macOS and Windows using the same codebase.
0 10 min read

Working with calendars in Swift

Use a popular calendar library called FSCalendar in Swift to create a calendar for handling and manipulating dates.
1 8 min read

How to build a credit card scanner with React Native

Improve UX in your mobile applications with React Native by implementing a credit card scanning feature using your device's camera and text recognition.
0 7 min read

How to create a news feed in React Native

Create a news feed application with minimal code using React Native for iOS and Android.
0 21 min read

How to create a custom, collapsible sidebar in SwiftUI

Sidebars in mobile apps provide users with top-level navigation. In this article, you’ll learn how to create a custom sidebar using SwiftUI.
6 8 min read

Create high-performance graphics with React Native Skia

Thanks to the dev team behind react-native-skia, we can now use Skia in React Native applications to draw graphics and create UI concepts.
3 8 min read

Picking files in React Native apps using react-native-document-picker

Learn how to pick documents and files of any format from a user’s device in a React Native application for iOS and Android.
0 4 min read

Creating animations with lottie-react-native

Learn how to implement Lottie-based animations in a React Native project by using the lottie-react-native library here.
0 8 min read

Build native UI components in React Native

Curious about what native UI components are? Here's a quick tutorial on how to build and use them in React Native.
1 13 min read