Kotlin Data Binding Slow Rendering

Using data binding to prevent slow rendering in Kotlin

In Android applications, data binding is a process that involves coupling two data sources together and synchronizing them, increasing the speed...
Peter Aideloje
5 min read
Kotlin Logo Over Colorful Swirl

How to create static methods and classes in Kotlin

Here's a look at how declaring static classes can be achieved in Kotlin and the benefits of it with respect to...
Matteo Di Pirro
7 min read
Guide To Kotlin Design Patterns

Understanding design patterns in Kotlin

Let's look at some widely used Kotlin design patterns (such as the provider pattern and many others) with code snippets and...
Bianca Dragomir
12 min read

Implementing optional callbacks in Kotlin from scratch

There are several ways to implement optional callbacks in Kotlin. Learn about all of them in this complete tutorial.
Boemo Mmopelwa
4 min read
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Type casting in Kotlin: Unsafe vs. safe

Discover what type casting is, how Java and Kotlin approach it, which operators Kotlin provides, and how, when, and why to...
Antonello Zanini
7 min read
Building Cross Platform Mobile Apps With Kotlin Multiplatform

Building cross-platform mobile apps with Kotlin Multiplatform

With KMM, you can write the core of your app in Kotlin and use it in Android and iOS applications. You...
Asutosh Nayak
8 min read
Guide To Regular Expression Kotlin

A guide to regular expressions in Kotlin

Learn how to use regular expression as a means of validation in Kotlin by building a simple app to validate a...
Muyiwa Femi-Ige
5 min read
How To Use compareTo() And Other String Actions In Kotlin

How to use compareTo() and other string actions in Kotlin

Let's look at how to compare Kotlin strings and other ways to work with stored string values in this statically typed...
Kingsley Ubah
6 min read
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How to extend classes in Kotlin without using inheritance

In this tutorial, we compare and contrast inheritance and Kotlin extensions to understand the pros and cons of each.
Ivan Garza
4 min read
Test and debug Android apps like a pro with Charles Web Proxy

Test and debug Android apps like a pro with Charles Web Proxy

In this detailed tutorial, learn how to easily and powerfully test and debug your Android apps using Charles Web Proxy.
Emmanuel Enya
6 min read
Linting In Kotlin A Complete Guide

Linting in Kotlin: A complete guide

Lint tools are used to help find errors and avoid poorly written code. Learn about linting in Kotlin and how you...
Muyiwa Femi-Ige
6 min read
Understanding Kotlin Generics

Understanding Kotlin generics

Learn about Kotlin generics, a way of writing our code in a flexible and safe with as few compile-time errors as...
Bianca Dragomir
9 min read