Emmanuel Enya

  https://github.com/enyason I am a computer engineering graduate with five years of professional experience building modern Android applications. I am a huge fan of clean code because clarity is King 😄


6 Stories by Emmanuel Enya

Converting videos to GIFs using FFMPEG on Android

In this article, we will convert a video file into a GIF using FFMPEG on Android and request media from Android Storage Providers.
0 5 min read

Building an Android app with GraphQL

In this article, we will talk about GraphQL, where it shines over REST, and connect an Android application to a GraphQL server.
0 6 min read

Moving away from Kotlin’s AsyncTask: Alternative solutions

Read about alternatives to the now-deprecated AsyncTask in Kotlin, and learn how to move your resource-intensive tasks off the main thread.
0 5 min read

Unit testing in Kotlin projects with Mockk vs. Mockito

This post covers how to perform simple unit tests in Kotlin projects using both Mockk and Mockito, as well as covers their differences.
0 5 min read

Test and debug Android apps like a pro with Charles Web Proxy

In this detailed tutorial, learn how to easily and powerfully test and debug your Android apps using Charles Web Proxy.
0 6 min read

Generic persistent data storage in Android using Jetpack DataStore

Learn how to use the Jetpack DataStore API, a powerful and more performant persistent data storage alternative to the SharedPreferences API.
0 6 min read