Ivan Garza

  Ivan is an Android engineer at Mixhalo, a passionate fútbol fan, and an amateur salsa maker.


8 Stories by Ivan Garza

Kotlin multithreading: Comparing .wait(), .sleep(), and .delay()

The wait, sleep, and delay Kotlin multithreading functions control the flow and order of execution of different streams of information.
0 5 min read

Android CI/CD using GitHub Actions

Explore the CI/CD tool GitHub Actions and its application into modern Android development, including Android-specific Actions and more advanced topics.
1 8 min read

Getting started with Android’s intent filters

Explore Android’s intent filters, some common examples of them, and advanced ways of using them.
0 9 min read

Kotlin data mapping: Comparing map(), flatMap(), and flatten()

Explore the Kotlin's extension functions, map(), flatMap(), and flatten() and how they address the need for efficient collection manipulation.
0 4 min read

Kotlin dependency injection: Koin vs. Hilt

Learn about the two most popular dependency injection libraries for Modern Android Development: Dagger’s Hilt and Kotlin’s Koin.
0 7 min read

Comparing the Kotlin suspend and runBlocking functions

Explore multi-threading in Kotlin through the use of coroutines, especially the suspend and runBlocking functions.
0 7 min read

Comparing control flow statements in Kotlin and Swift

Control flow statements like Kotlin’s when and Swift’s switch statements are used to break up typical top-to-bottom flows of code execution.
0 5 min read

How to extend classes in Kotlin without using inheritance

In this tutorial, we compare and contrast inheritance and Kotlin extensions to understand the pros and cons of each.
0 4 min read