Bianca Dragomir I am a React/React Native software developer and a tech writer, mainly focusing on frontend development topics.


5 Stories by Bianca Dragomir

Using Android’s RecyclerView to handle complex lists

This article will cover how to use Android's RecyclerView with data binding to load images from a network and display them in a list.
0 11 min read

Using msal-react for React app authentication

Integrate a React app with msal-react, the Azure AD B2C authentication service, for smooth user authentication in React applications.
2 10 min read

Customizing your React Native status bar based on route

Learn to master status bars in React Native for any device by using the StatusBar component and the imperative API.
0 8 min read

Understanding design patterns in Kotlin

Let's look at some widely used Kotlin design patterns (such as the provider pattern and many others) with code snippets and sample use cases.
0 12 min read

Understanding Kotlin generics

Learn about Kotlin generics, a way of writing our code in a flexible and safe with as few compile-time errors as possible.
0 9 min read