Kotlin Android Advanced Filter Operations

Guide to Kotlin filtering for Android

The Kotlin filter() operator is the most important task in the Kotlin collection operation, allowing you to filter a range of...
Peter Aideloje
5 min read
How to fix NullPointerExceptions in Android

How to fix a NullPointerException in Android

Learn how to fix NullPointerExceptions in Kotlin, Java, and Android Studio. Then, go deeper and set breakpoints for more controlled testing.
Mamta Dalal
6 min read
Identifying Addressing Kotlin Code Smells

Identifying and addressing Kotlin code smells

We discuss how to spot Kotlin code smells using both manual and automated tools and investigate how to remove five common...
Victor Brandalise
8 min read
Using Kotlin Sleep(), Delay(), And Wait() In Your Android App

Kotlin multithreading: Comparing .wait(), .sleep(), and .delay()

The wait, sleep, and delay Kotlin multithreading functions control the flow and order of execution of different streams of information.
Ivan Garza
5 min read
Converting Videos to GIFs Using FFMPEG on Android

Converting videos to GIFs using FFMPEG on Android

In this article, we will convert a video file into a GIF using FFMPEG on Android and request media from Android...
Emmanuel Enya
5 min read
Android CI/CD Using GitHub Actions

Android CI/CD using GitHub Actions

Explore the CI/CD tool GitHub Actions and its application into modern Android development, including Android-specific Actions and more advanced topics.
Ivan Garza
8 min read
Kotlin Intarray Kotlin IntArray Array emptyList()

Kotlin IntArray, Array, and emptyList()

Learn the difference between IntArray and Array in Kotlin, explore use cases, create instances of each array, and compare them to...
Matteo Di Pirro
5 min read
Standardize Emoji ios Display Android

Standardizing emoji display across Android and iOS apps

Learn how to display iOS emojis in an Android app in this step-by-step tutorial, standardizing the look and feel of your...
Bhavya Mishra
3 min read
How To Change An Android SDK Path

How to change an Android SDK path

This article discusses how to install an SDK in Android from scratch, and how to change the Android SDK path using...
Boemo Mmopelwa
4 min read
Using Android's Recyclerview With Data Binding To Handle Complex Lists

Using Android’s RecyclerView to handle complex lists

This article will cover how to use Android's RecyclerView with data binding to load images from a network and display them...
Bianca Dragomir
11 min read
Android Net Maui

.NET MAUI tutorial for Android and iOS

.NET MAUI isn’t limited to just iOS and Android; we could also deploy our application on macOS and Windows using the...
Rupesh Chaudhari
10 min read
How To Use Android Debug Bridge For Advanced Troubleshooting

How to use Android Debug Bridge for advanced troubleshooting

Learning how to use the Android Debug Bridge and its powerful features is a must for any serious Android developer.
Lewis Cianci
6 min read