A complete guide to enum classes in Kotlin

Explore Kotlin enum classes through examples covering both basic and advanced features. Learn how to use anonymous classes, add custom properties, and more.
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A complete guide to Kotlin lambda expressions

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Using Kotlin data classes to eliminate Java POJO boilerplates

Kotlin offers many benefits over "plain" Java. This guide demonstrates how to replace dated POJO boilerplates using Kotlin's more elegant data classes.
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Understanding Kotlin coroutines

Dive deeper into Kotlin coroutines — suspendable computations similar to threads that simplify asynchronous programming in Kotlin.
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Kotlin vs. Java for Android development

Compare the strengths and weaknesses of coding with Kotlin or Java for Android development in order to decide which language is right for you.
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Kotlin vs. Flutter for Android development

What's Flutter, what's Kotlin, and what should you use when developing your next mobile app? Learn more in this article.
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