Matteo Di Pirro

  I am an enthusiastic young software engineer who specialized in the theory of programming languages and type safety. I enjoy learning and experimenting with new technologies and languages, looking for effective ways to employ them.


3 Stories by Matteo Di Pirro

Manjaro vs. Arch: Choosing your post-Ubuntu OS

Arch and Manjaro can provide more flexibility and power compared to Ubuntu. But which should you choose? Let's compare the two to find out.
11 5 min read

Optional chaining and nullish coalescing in TypeScript

Use two features of TypeScript 3.7: optional chaining and nullish coalescing, to write simple code without never-ending conditionals.
2 4 min read vs Comparing alternatives for .eth domain resolution

Compare and, two alternatives to resolve .eth domains using ENS.
0 4 min read