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What Is User Acceptance Testing (UAT)? Template, Best Practices

What is user acceptance testing (UAT)? Template, best practices

User acceptance testing (UAT) is an important phase where end-users have a chance to participate in evaluating your product.
Zeynep Cansu Yildirim
5 min read
5 User Activation Metrics: Formulas And Strategies To Improve

5 user activation metrics every PM should track

Activation is a critical part of every product experience. Higher activation leads to higher retention and more engaged users, ultimately leading...
Bart Krawczyk
7 min read
Mastering The Omnichannel Journey: Definition And Strategies

Mastering the omnichannel journey: Definition and strategies

Creating a seamless experience for your product with multiple touchpoints across various platforms and media can be a great way to...
Bindiya Thakkar
7 min read
What is a service blueprint template examples

What is a service blueprint? Template and examples

A service blueprint is a visualization of both the whole user journey and all the background processes that happen during the...
Bart Krawczyk
6 min read
Customer Analytics: Using Data To Improve The Customer Experience

Customer analytics: Using data to improve the customer experience

Customer analytics refers to the process of collecting data from various customer sources and analyzing it to understand customers' behaviors, buying...
Surbhi Sooni
6 min read
What Is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

What is conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimization is the process of improving the performance of a website, landing page, or app by increasing visitor action....
Salma A S
10 min read
What Is A Service-Level Agreement (SLA)? Definition, Templates, And Examples

What is a service-level agreement (SLA)? Definition, templates, and examples

The goal of a service-level agreement is to maintain transparency between the provider and the client, ensuring consistent service quality and...
David Pereira
7 min read
Behavioral Segmentation Definition Examples

Behavioral segmentation: How proper segmentation can generate valuable insights

In this article, you will learn what behavioral segmentation is, the different types of segmentation, and how to improve your product.
Bart Krawczyk
4 min read
What is Rapid Prototyping For Product Development

What is rapid prototyping for product development?

Because you get customer feedback from every incremental improvement made to the prototype, rapid prototyping gives a nice balance of efficiency,...
Ian Khor
7 min read
What Are Push Notifications And Why Are They Important?

What are push notifications and why are they important?

In this article, you will learn how to use push notification to reach users with relevant information to keep them returning...
David Pereira
4 min read
What Is Digital Product Management? A High-Level Guide

What is digital product management? A high-level guide

Digital products are everywhere, and managing them is no easy feat. Learn the ins and outs of digital product management, from...
Surbhi Sooni
8 min read
Guide To The Customer Discovery Process

A guide to the customer discovery process

Successful products are built because someone used customer discovery first to understand market needs and pain points and develop their solution...
Leah Campbell
9 min read