Joel Polanco

  Senior product leader with experience in B2B, enterprise IoT, edge computing, and analytics. Joel specializes in product incubation and growing new revenue streams. He currently leads an industry thought leadership team at Intel and is a product management advisor at two startups. He lives in Chandler, AZ with his wife and son.


6 Stories by Joel Polanco

What is secondment and how can it help your career?

Secondment is a neat way to pilot a specific role or career without having to go all-in to it right away.
0 8 min read

Product partners and creating a minimum viable ecosystem

Like an MVP, an MVE aims to be the best representation of the final product or solution but in a compact and lightweight package.
0 7 min read

From rides to riches: How Uber masters the product profit game

2023 has been the “year of efficiency.” Interest rates are rising and tech companies have retrenched and focused on core products.
0 5 min read

Can Threads overtake Twitter? First impressions of Twitter’s new competitor

This past Wednesday, Meta released Threads, a Twitter-like service that allows the more than three billion Instagram users to sign up.
0 5 min read

Is product management going away? Why Airbnb got rid of its PMs

Brian Chesky sent ripples through product and design communities, leaving a lot of folks wondering about the future of product management.
2 5 min read

Product sense: Harnessing your natural power as a PM

Product sense is one of the five natural powers of a product manager but like any power, you need to cultivate and practice it...
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