agile and scrum

How And Why To Run A Scrum Of Scrums

How and why to run a scrum of scrums

A scrum of scrums is a collaborative meeting between the involved teams on a project. It is an engaging session that...
David Pereira
5 min read
What Is PI Planning In Agile

What is PI planning in agile?

Figuring out how to deal with complex collaboration and aligning in a common direction is mandatory. That’s when program increment (PI)...
David Pereira
4 min read
What Is A Team Working Agreement? Examples And Template For Agile Teams

What is a team working agreement? Examples and template

A team working agreement mitigates frustration and helps prevent friction by clearly defining where one role's obligations end and others begin.
Bindiya Thakkar
7 min read
How To Write Scenarios Using Gherkin Language

How to write scenarios using Gherkin language

Gherkin, combined with behavior-driven development, are powerful. They provide guidance and clarity while reducing confusion.
David Pereira
4 min read
Guide To The Five Types Of Scrum Meetings

Guide to the five types of scrum meetings

Scrum meetings help foster collaboration while setting shared expectations and delivery goals for the development teams.
Bindiya Thakkar
9 min read
Agile Estimation: Using The Fibonacci Sequence For Story Points

Agile estimation: Using the Fibonacci sequence for story points

Learn how the Fibonacci sequenced is used for story point estimation in agile, common mistakes, and alternative estimation methods.
David Pereira
4 min read
What Is A Sprint For Agile And Scrum Teams

What is a sprint for agile and scrum teams?

By breaking down the work into smaller, manageable chunks, sprints provide a clear sense of progress and keep motivation high throughout...
Praveenkumar Revankar
8 min read
What Is Rapid Application Development (RAD)?

What is rapid application development (RAD)?

Rapid application development (RAD) is an adaptive software development model based on feedback and prototyping.
Surbhi Sooni
5 min read
How To Achieve Business Agility Using Agile Concepts

How to achieve business agility using agile concepts

Business agility is characteristic — it’s a company’s ability to respond decisively and swiftly to fluctuating market conditions and changing customer...
Ian Khor
5 min read
What Is Affinity Grouping? Definition, Examples, And How-To

What is affinity grouping? Definition, examples, and how-to

In this article, we introduce the affinity grouping method. We share tools and best practices and examine how you can integrate...
Zeynep Cansu Yildirim
6 min read
What Are Sprint Goals? Why You Need Them And How To Write Them

What are sprint goals? Why you need them and how to write them

Sprint goals are an essential element of the product development lifecycle because they help the team focus, enable self-organization, and frame...
Bart Krawczyk
4 min read
What Is The Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)? Phases And Models

What is the software development lifecycle (SDLC)? Phases and models

The SDLC is designed to save costs, build quality and complex software, and satisfy the end-user. An overview of the software...
Shehab Beram
6 min read