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9 Stories by Hafsah Emekoma

How to build interactive pie charts using only CSS and HTML

Learn how to build and style an interactive pie chart using only HTML and CSS.
0 9 min read

The top 8 React chart libraries

Review the top most popular React chart libraries, which simplify the process of building charts and displaying data.
2 5 min read

Animating mobile menus using CSS

There are various ways to display menu items on a mobile screen. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to hide the menu from...
0 12 min read

Deprecated HTML elements (and what to use instead)

This overview covers the changes introduced with HTML5 and proposes some alternative approaches to achieve equivalent effects.
3 9 min read

Using Gatsby with Tailwind CSS: A tutorial with examples

To show how Gatsby and Tailwind CSS work together, this tutorial walks you through the process of building a simple health and fitness blog.
1 12 min read

Using styled-components in TypeScript: A tutorial with examples

Here, you can learn how to build and style a TypeScript app using styled-components, with an e-commerce page as an example.
5 13 min read

Comparing the best new JavaScript frameworks to React

Compare newer frontend JavaScript frameworks like Aurelia, hyperHTML, Svelte, and Preact to React, a framework that focuses on user interface.
9 9 min read

What to look out for when working with Chrome

Learn about Chrome's best features and find out how to apply them to optimize your experience with your browser.
1 6 min read

Why is Bootstrap so popular?

Find out why Bootstrap remains popular with this overview of some of its best features including its navbar and Jumbotron features.
0 5 min read