Rahul Chhodde

  I'm a software developer with over seven years of experience in different web technologies.


15 Stories by Rahul Chhodde

Comparing the Popover API and the <dialog> element

Let's discuss the similarities and differences between the Popover and HTMLDialogElement APIs, their use cases, and when to use each.
0 12 min read

Creating a reusable pop-up modal in React from scratch

Adding a pop-up modal to your React app can be a useful way to engage with users. Let's create one from scratch with the...
0 14 min read

Understanding sibling combinators in CSS: A complete guide

Learn all about CSS sibling combinators, their usage, and their practical application in frontend web development.
0 7 min read

Creating custom CSS typography with COLRv1 specification

The COLRv1 font format can be used for custom CSS typography in web projects, providing the power of custom color fonts to meet design...
0 5 min read

Improving mobile design with the latest CSS viewport units

Let's explore how the most recent CSS viewport units address the mobile design issues caused by the initial set of viewport units.
1 8 min read

Building a color palette with CSS: 3 methods

Let's explore three ways to create color palettes with CSS and touch on relative colors with now-experimental LCH and LAB color functions.
0 8 min read

CSS vs. CSS-in-JS: How and why to use each

Let's discuss the pros and cons of CSS vs. CSS-in-JS given the current state of modern CSS and how it is likely to change...
0 8 min read

Evaluating alternatives to TypeScript’s switch case

In this article, we will discuss TypeScript’s switch case, its advantages, and disadvantages, and cover some alternatives.
0 5 min read

HSL and HSLA vs. RGB and RGBA in CSS

Instead of dealing with different color values like RGB, the HSL color function allows you to control the saturation and lightness of a specified...
0 5 min read

Initializing lazy and lateinit variables in Kotlin

The lateinit initialization can save you from repetitive null checks that you might need when initializing properties as nullable types.
1 7 min read

The advanced guide to the CSS :has() selector

The :has() pseudo-class has been a much-awaited addition to CSS - discover advanced implementations in this complete guide.
2 6 min read

Implementing claymorphism with CSS

Learn how to use CSS to implement claymorphism, a new UI style that gives webpages and apps fun and friendly vibes.
0 8 min read