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Bartosz Jaworski
Dec 21, 2023 ⋅ 6 min read

Is the product owner role doomed?

Bartosz Jaworski Dr. Bart is a Senior Product Manager at Stepstone, the biggest job board in the EU. Previously, he held the same title at Skype and Microsoft. In his free time, he helps others become Product Managers via his course and teachings offered on his social media profiles.

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One Reply to "Is the product owner role doomed?"

  1. From what i have learnt in my work experience and obviously I am a Certified Scrum Product Owner (not an uncertified person writing), I have couple of observations
    1. Scrum master or product owner both don’t train the team for agile.
    2. Neither Scrum master or agile coach will every tell you or train you how to be a better product owner (PO)..You (PO) are the quality gate for sprint outcomes. And PO is responsible to check how can he be a better PO !! ..
    3. Agile or Scrum are just for guidance in how to ensure larger teams stay in sync with customers, management and with each other for a product delivery.
    Product teams can adopt to hybrid agile processes aiming to better the velocity and quality of their team increment !!
    4. If you have a better process with which you managed teams earlier , this article would have been more effective had you shared it with us.

    Absence of insights about how your process was better than the one proposed by agile coach only makes this article occur like a cry baby over few developers not wanting to grow beyond their daily tasks. Next time hope you cover all aspect of why do you think product owner role is either redundant or compromised and come up with a solution that you think is better.


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