career development

Long Term Goals Example Strategies

How to set and accomplish long-term goals (with example)

Long-term goals are a set of outcomes that you hope to deliver over an extended period of time. These are major...
Emma Burt
4 min read
How To Give Receive Constructive Criticism Examples

How to give and receive constructive criticism (with examples)

Constructive criticism is a feedback technique that aims to help a person grow by focusing on what’s wrong as an opportunity...
David Pereira
4 min read
An Honest Guide To Making Mistakes As A Product Manager

An honest guide to making mistakes as a product manager

Product managers are frequently expected to create flawless, seamless products, but it's crucial to remember that PMs are humans too.
Salma A S
7 min read
Communication And 4 Frameworks

Communication styles: 6 types and 4 frameworks

PMs who are aware of their own communication style and can adapt it to different situations and people can build better...
Emma Burt
8 min read
Guide To Successfully Managing Up

A guide to successfully managing up

The truth is, managing up actually improves your outcomes. There are three areas where managing up can help — alignment, risk...
Diana Hsieh
7 min read
Facilitation Skills, Principles, And Best Practices

Facilitation skills, principles, and best practices

Facilitation refers to leadership techniques that aim to make activities requiring stakeholder alignment easier and more efficient.
Raluca Piteiu-Apostol
5 min read
What Is A Scrum Master Responsibilities Skills And More

What is a scrum master? Responsibilities, skills, and more

Everything you need to know about the role of the scrum master, including the job description, responsibilities, and certifications to explore...
Robert Drury
10 min read
Democratic Leadership Style: Definition, Examples, Pros And Cons

Democratic leadership style: Definition, examples, pros and cons

Building a successful product requires an exceptional leader as well as an empowered and engaged team. It takes more than great...
Salma A S
7 min read
Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory Of Motivation-Hygiene: An Overview

Herzberg’s two-factor theory of motivation-hygiene: An overview

How can you be satisfied with your job, but also dissatisfied at the same time? Herzberg's two-factor theory explores this paradox.
Robert Drury
3 min read
Top 15 Product Manager Certification Programs

Top 15 product management certification programs

These certifications cater to various skill levels, interests, and budgets, and some include both free and paid options. While some are...
Sara Nguyen
21 min read
What Are The 3 Scrum Team Roles

What are the 3 scrum team roles?

The most valuable asset for agile organizations is the scrum team and its corresponding roles: product owner, scrum master, and developer.
Bart Krawczyk
8 min read
Top 5 Change Management Certifications

Top 5 change management certifications

Change management certifications offer an opportunity to earn credentials that prove you’re equipped to manage change in an organization of any...
Anjana Rao
8 min read