Oyinkansola Awosan

  I'm a fun techie and passionate technical writer interested in data science, machine learning, cloud engineering, and blockchain technologies.


5 Stories by Oyinkansola Awosan

Reactivity with the Vue 3 Composition API: ref() and reactive()

Reactivity allows us to write cleaner code, preventing us from having to manually update the UI in response to data changes.
0 6 min read

How and why you should use Next.js with Django

Both Next.js and Django can efficiently handle a web application's frontend and backend sections. Therefore, it's unsurprising that this combination has a few use...
0 4 min read

How to use type guards in TypeScript

TypeScript uses some built-in JavaScript operators like typeof, instance of, and the in operator, which is used to determine if an object contains a...
5 4 min read

Top WebSocket libraries for Node.js in 2022

Review eight popular Node libraries for WebSocket: SockJS, ws, Socket.IO, Faye WebSocket, SocketCluster, Sockette, and Feathers.
2 3 min read

PyCharm vs. VS Code: Choosing the best Python IDE

PyCharm and VS Code are both excellent tools for writing Python code. Compare each in terms of price, memory consumption, code management, extensions, and...
7 4 min read