Leonardo Maldonado

  Full Stack Developer. JavaScript, React, TypeScript, GraphQL.


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Lifecycle methods with the useEffect Hook

In this article, we'll look at the lifecycle methods in React, and how we can use the useEffect Hook to use lifecycle methods in...
0 5 min read

When to use Flexbox and when to use CSS grid

Thinking about which layout system is best for your project early can really help you achieve a better result and well-written CSS code.
0 6 min read

Immutability in React with Immer

Learn about immutability in React and how we can use Immer to have an immutable state.
0 6 min read

Why you shouldn’t use inline styling in production React apps

Learn about the inline styling concept in React, and why you shouldn't be using this if you're planning to have a scalable and productive...
1 6 min read