Rob O'Leary Rob is a solution architect, fullstack developer, technical writer, and educator. He is an active participant in non-profit organizations supporting the underprivileged and promoting equality. He is travel-obsessed (one bug he cannot fix). You can find him at


12 Stories by Rob O'Leary

Can you create beautiful stroked text in CSS?

We explore several approaches for creating stroked text (or outline text) in CSS and with SVGs and look at many stroked text examples.
1 11 min read

How to create parallax scrolling with CSS

This article demystifies the parallax scrolling technique. Get insights on how to implement parallax scrolling with CSS without compromising UX.
2 15 min read

CSS breakpoints for responsive design

We discuss the role of CSS breakpoints in responsive design, reviewing different methods of choosing breakpoints and some best practices.
0 11 min read

A deep dive into the CSS float property

Let's discuss the history of CSS float and show how it can be used in modern web design to achieve creative text layouts.
0 9 min read

Testing a Svelte app with Vitest

Vitest has become the first choice dev tool for Svelte. Learn about its features and integrations and how it compares to Jest.
0 12 min read

Data visualization with Svelte and D3

Let's explore the advantages of the hybrid approach of using Svelte and D3 together for data visualization.
1 11 min read

Using Prettier and ESLint to automate formatting and fixing JavaScript

Learn how to use ESLint and Prettier together to automatically format and fix JavaScript code in your projects.
6 8 min read

Level up your CSS linting using Stylelint

Level up your CSS, SCSS, and Sass linting skills and improve your code quality using this advanced guide on Stylelint.
0 7 min read

Writing VS Code extensions in JavaScript

Learn how to set up a project and write your first VS code extension in JavaScript.
2 11 min read

The latest features of CSS in 2021

This overview covers the latest major CSS features to make it to browsers in 2021 and includes clear use cases for them.
0 6 min read

How to design highly performant animations and micro-interactions

Here, you can learn how to design highly performant animations and micro-interactions to improve the UX of your site.
0 10 min read

Debug CSS Grid with Chrome DevTools

Using Chrome DevTools and CSS Grid, learn how to discover grids in a page, inspect page layout, and debug common layout issues.
0 6 min read