Oscar Jite-Orimiono

  https://omj.netlify.app/ I'm a self taught frontend web developer. I build websites so everyone finds a home online. The digital space is massive, full of endless possibilities, let's explore it together!


4 Stories by Oscar Jite-Orimiono

A complete guide to using CSS filters with SVGs

CSS has several filters that help improve the visual aspects of a website. You can apply them directly to a web element using the...
4 14 min read

Understanding animation and transition timing functions in CSS

The animation property allows you to change the properties of an element over a specific duration, while transition defines how an element changes over...
0 7 min read

5 cool CSS header styles with cross-browser compatibility

Learn how to make your CSS header texts cool and cross-browser compatible with this detailed, interactive tutorial with images.
2 15 min read

3 ways to style CSS box-shadow effects

Learn how to use the CSS box-shadow property to create layered, neon, and neumorphic shadows in this detailed tutorial.
0 8 min read